5 Drills in 5 Days

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
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10 Responses to “5 Drills in 5 Days”
  1. Jaimie Gonzalez
    Jaimie Gonzalez

    Hello my name is jaime Gonzalez I’m from Texas and I think this program help me a lot also to all the person’s got this and thank you for give me this opportunity

  2. Winston D Buchanan
    Winston D Buchanan

    I am a retired Marine. (28 yrs 2nd Btl FR) so these drills have some big shoes to fill. Haven’t even looked at them yet so I will let you know what I and the bunch of shooter/friends think. Keep in mind this is my/our opinion. Thanks.

  3. Jeff Boatman
    Jeff Boatman

    the 5 diamond drill was a little hard to follow. Is it possible to have a split screen to show what the impacts are? I understood 4 single shots, one on each outer diamond, and then 3 on center diamond. I may have just missed it. What does this help to practice? Overall, very nice set of drills.