PDN LIVE! July 2017

July’s PDN Live event centered around live fire practice. Rob answers questions about targets, drills, realism, and overall recommendations for improving your defensive shooting skills at the range.

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23 Responses to “PDN LIVE! July 2017”

  1. Ken

    Rob, think you are wrong the l-president (?) drill does teach handling firearm from holster, rapid sight alignment and magazine removal and insertion which are needed to continue on to more training

  2. Jerry Svendsen

    How do you feel about a laser on a handgun at night? What is the best way to practice with a laser on the range? Public ranges are not open at night in my area.

  3. Dave Randolph

    Is it possible to get a repeat of the three stage drill Rob mentioned a little bit ago?
    I should have written it down but wasn’t prepared.

  4. Shann Hoyle

    Recently got my permit and looking for a handgun. Just not sure which way to go, Glock or Springfield. When I shot them they both felt good. Any pointers?

    • Robert Carbajo

      Glock why do you think everyone is trying to copy a Glock and ther you have your answer.

  5. Charles Nannie

    I am at work, a security agent, and was wondering if I will be able to see this at a later time?

  6. David

    What’s your best advice/tool to simulate a man-sized target coming towards you?

  7. James

    Rob has mentioned “frangible ammo” in past appearances. I have some steel targets for hand gun training and would like to train closer to the targets to better replicate realistic personal defensive distances from the targets. Would like to hear a 101 course anything/everything explanation from Rob about frangible ammo regarding use, best place to purchase etc.