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PDN LIVE! June 2017

Tune in on Friday, June 23rd at 8 PM CST for another round of PDN Live: Ask Rob Anything. If you have a question about self defense, firearms, or anything else you’d like to hear our resident expert Rob Pincus chime in on while streaming live, now’s your chance. Since our events are usually themed,… Read more »

PDN Live

PDN LIVE! May 2017

Rob Pincus was joined by Marty Hayes, Andrew Branca and Adam Kraut to answer questions and discuss legal issues related to self-defense and carrying firearms legally. They discussed dealing with law enforcement while armed and after a defensive gun use, whether or not you need to have a lawyer “on retainer”, the choice to carry… Read more »

PDN Live

PDN LIVE! April 2017

Rob Pincus spoke live from the new Cape Gun Works store and range in Massachusetts, and answered a plethora of questions about accessories for defensive firearms. Rob discussed the most important and popular accessories for both pistols and rifles, including sights, red dot optics, sling, magazine extensions, charging handles, lights, and lasers. Rob gave his… Read more »

PDN Live

PDN LIVE! March 2017

Rob Pincus and Deryck Poole discussed some concepts about firearm and holster selection and spent most of the hour answering specific questions from the PDN audience about their choices and concerns in this information-packed hour of PDN LIVE. LIVE event brought to you by:

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PDN LIVE! February 2017

Rob Pincus is joined by career police officer Jamie Onion to discuss Interactions with Law Enforcement While Armed. Both men speak to very important concerns about these potentially tense moments from the viewpoint of law enforcement and concealed carriers. Traffic stops and other potential encounters with law enforcement that may have nothing to do with… Read more »

PDN Live

PDN LIVE! January 2017

Rob Pincus was joined by PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick and the host of “We Like Shooting”, Shawn Herrin. All three attended the 2017 SHOT Show, an industry only event in Las Vegas that highlights the newest products and trends in the firearms community. They share their SHOT Show experiences and talk about some of the… Read more »

PDN Live

PDN LIVE! December 2016

Rob Pincus took on a variety of self-defense questions during the final PDN Live event of the year. Rob spoke about the .380 ACP as a defensive caliber, improvised defensive tools when traveling, opportunities to continue learning and training throughout the winter, and making plans for 2017. This personal defense information and insight packed hour… Read more »

PDN LIVE! November 2016

Rob Pincus, executive director at PDN, answers a variety of self-defense related questions submitted by members of the PDN community. Topics covered include choosing defensive ammunition, transitioning from a focus on competitive shooting to defensive shooting skills, active shooter response, women carrying guns in purses, and much more! Rob concluded with some thoughts on the… Read more »

PDN LIVE! October 2016

Rob Pincus and Rob Leatham, two of the most recognized names in the shooting world, are at it again: Coming at the topic of Defensive Shooting Skill Development from their very opposite views. In this installment of PDN Live, Rob & Rob answer audience questions about grip, stance, shooting drills, competition shooting, vision and much… Read more »

PDN LIVE! September 2016

Rob Pincus was joined by Aaron Jannetti to answer questions about Active Shooter Response. Aaron and Rob are co-owners of Endeavor Defense & Fitness in Hilliard, OH and Aaron is the head of their ASR Program. He and their team have taught almost 50 ASR seminars already in 2016. Rob is the developer of the… Read more »