PDN LIVE! Preparing Intuitive Responses in Emergencies

Trainer and Mental Health Professional William April joined Rob Pincus to discuss the best ways to prepare for rapid decision making and execute planned responses during emergencies. They answered questions regarding preparation for quick responses during surprising, emotional and chaotic events. They also covered the principle of pre-need decision making and various training & practice methods.

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19 Responses to “PDN LIVE! Preparing Intuitive Responses in Emergencies”

  1. Mel Lenig

    Thank you Rob, William, Shannon. I gained several ideas that i hope I will never use, but I'm glad you made me think about them. The first fifteen- twenty minutes I had WiFi problems. Will the broadcast be available for viewing at a later time?

  2. Michael

    Thanks for more quality work to Rob and William! Always worth the time to spend watching their work.


    What are the chances of talking someone already committed to violence into submission? Is it reality or suicide?

  4. Jody

    I’m ready

  5. Mark Krueger


  6. Angel Pagan

    Thank you

  7. Eric Taylor

    Hi. Why is it, that when a mass-shooting happens, there are a percentage of people in society who focus on banning the ar-15 rifle without mentioning banning semi-auto hand guns? The Virginia Tech shooter had two hand guns(9mm and 22lr) and was able to kill 33 victims and wounded 17 others. There are a lot of liberals who own a hand gun, but want to ban the ar-15 rifle. Go figure.

  8. Jim Knox

    How much of the social violence that seems to be on the rise, do you attribute to the violent nature of action graphic video games, and the Hollywood culture of realistic crime-drama movies that tend to desensitize society?

  9. Michael

    Is prior victim status more relevant to individual conflict? Middle schools, elementary schools seem to be more about a class of victim rather than prior status. Workplace is a place where prior status may be more relevant.

  10. Chip Burnette

    I was attacked, but refused to be a victim, and disarmed and disabled my attacker. That was before I obtained my LTC - but constantly reinforces the need to be alert.