PDN LIVE! October 2018

In this month’s PDN LIVE, Rob Pincus answered questions related to home security and safety, including everyday concerns in non-emergency situations. Home security systems, security cameras, locks, doors, lighting and related topics were covered. PDN has a long history of addressing these issues in a practical way to help our members protect their property and make it less likely that they will need to use force to protect themselves and their families.

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5 Responses to “PDN LIVE! October 2018”

  1. James "Craig" King

    My wife and I have a house full of kids. This creates extra issues of securing firearms and crossfire concerns. Have you come across any blazingly awesome tips in regards to these or other family firearms and defense issues? (Please send out the link to the recording)

  2. Bruce Jarvie

    The thing I like about motion sensing lights is that if I see one pop on at my house, it makes me look in a direction that I did not hear something!

  3. Bruce Jarvie

    CDT not CST

  4. Pat Patterson

    Greetings from Manvel, Texas!

  5. Alexander Park

    Should you try to train your spouse such as your wife or girlfriend to shoot for self defense or home protection? Or should you sign her up for a class taught by a respectable instructor?