PDN LIVE! June 2017

Rob Pincus took some time from the PDN Training Tour to answer a variety of questions about armed self-defense. He discussed the top five mistakes he thinks people make in regard to personal defense preparation, laser aiming devices, choosing defensive handguns, training for people with disabilities, and more! He also spoke a bit about the new collaboration between PDN and USCCA.


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42 Responses to “PDN LIVE! June 2017”

  1. JJ Nix

    Hope i win!!

  2. Carlos Vicente

    What firearms are available to win?

  3. Abraham Garcia


  4. Philip M Kellett

    I was pleased with subject matter. However, audio transmission was extremely poor and significantly detracted from my learning experience.

  5. Randy Antoine

    Focus on frontsight

  6. Eric C Matson

    How do you determine who the threats are versus the good guys who are also carrying and possibly firing in a firefight? I don't want to be mistaken for an assailant or vice versa from a fellow ccw or officer

  7. tdksca

    I have been carrying Winchester Silver Tips in my Glock 19 and KelTecP11 for many years due to their accuracy. I understand that there are now better "modern" cartridges available. What do you recommend?

  8. Bill Johnson

    What is the Best AR-15 ?

  9. Joel Lans

    What's a good tactical light and is the Seal torch 2000 advertised on your sight legitimate?

  10. Rev

    I carry a Glock 21 .45 and everyone I know that carries says that is too much gun for personal defense what's your thoughts ???