PDN LIVE! August 2017

Rob Pincus, executive director at PDN, hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. He answered a variety of personal defense and firearm questions submitted by members of the PDN community.

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19 Responses to “PDN LIVE! August 2017”

  1. Lauren

    I just joined and wasn't aware of the live session - Is there a replay?

  2. Ken

    G'Evenin' Rob, Have a blessed Labor Day holiday weekend. Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed your videos. I've a quick question,... What's your opinion of having an AR chambered in the 9mm caliber for use in home defense?

  3. Clark Aposhian

    What modifications, if any do you make to your concealed carry weapon?

  4. Jerry

    When can I buy the pd10?

  5. Clark Aposhian

    CCW Insurance, what are thoughts and best 1 out there?

  6. Louis Deckert

    In the current political climate of today and the crazy people ie. Antifa etc. how the hell do we stay safe and protect our loved ones? Of course we try to avoid these crazies but you never know what you may be headed into sometimes!

  7. Bill

    How effective are tactical pens and penlights? What is the point? Or is it just a selling gimmick? Thanks, Rob

  8. Isaac

    Best scope for ak47 not 47 n 458 socom ... any $$$ / also does ANYBODY know who'll build a 6 inch double stack 460 Rowland 4 me

  9. Phil

    I train using hearing protection, but understand that gun shot noise can be very disorienting. Should I occasionally fire without protection to experience the sensations ?

  10. Kevin Kluball

    Thanks for the nice news