PDN LIVE! Personal Defense and Defensive Shooting Q&A with Rob Pincus

I had a great time last night answering many questions from PDN Premium Members, Subscribers and Visitors on a wide variety of self-defense topics. We launched PDN LIVE last year as an experiment with a similar free for all Q&A and quickly started inviting guests from our expert pool of PDN Contributors. Last year, we focused most of our PDN LIVE events on specific topics including the defensive use of knives, extreme close quarters defense, emergency medicine, improvised defensive tools and several others. Each of the special topic episodes featured a guest with advanced knowledge in the area we were discussing.


If you haven’t seen any of the PDN LIVE events, the format is pretty simple: We announce an upcoming Q&A a week or two ahead of time and take questions on our topic from you. I prefer not to know the questions ahead of time, so the PDN HQ staff collects them, selects the best and most frequently asked ones and then our moderator presents them to me and our guests for extemporaneous responses. The hour goes by fast, but we put out a ton of information. We also take LIVE questions and follow ups from those watching the event and participating via Google Hangout. Immediately after the event, it is turned into a video file that lives forever here at PDN’s website. You can go back and check out any of the episodes at any time.

Last night’s Self-Defense Q&A was packed with great questions, most of which were related to armed defense. We got in as many as we could during the hour, but the staff informed me that we have at least enough great questions to do another hour sometime soon… and we will! Meanwhile, we’re going to be having some new guests and new specialty topics on PDN LIVE this year, as well as some returning guests from 2015. You can check out the free for all HERE, and you can see the answers I posted to some of the follow up questions in the discussion area as well.

Keep you eyes open for the announcement about the date & time of our February Event! -RJP
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