PDN LIVE! September 2018

Rob Pincus hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. He went live to answer personal defense and firearm questions.

Feel free to ask questions live during the show by using the chat box below.

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22 Responses to “PDN LIVE! September 2018”

  1. John R Randolph
    John R Randolph

    Assuming that you do not lose your bifocal glasses during a confrontation, do you have any suggestions as to the best way to aim at your target if you are trying to use your sights?

  2. artie

    how should a person with limited mobility train combat shooting skills and learning to shoot with the weak hand?

  3. Scott

    I have been givin the priveledge of being placed in charge of our church security.
    I and a few others are working out protocol in the event of any incedent.
    We have communication from within and around the building. I carry a 40 cal shield in an ankle holster. It’s not the fastest rig I know but I’m wearing a white shirt and tie and dress pants. I’m now LE
    But we’re all we got. Have trained as much as you can using the PDN as well as some local LE, and swat personnel.
    I’m always looking for advice so please
    Give me your thoughts

  4. William Ramhold
    William Ramhold

    Rob, why are there no classes in Connecticut! I live in a liberal anti-gun state and it seems that nobody wants to give classes or have gun shows here.

  5. Bill D.
    Bill D.

    I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge sharing. I do have a terrible issue with absolutely awful internet service. What is Robs opinion of the sig legion series pistols.

  6. JohnS

    Tried the link, same weak audio. The video is coming through fine. The periodic click is plenty loud enough though.

    • Sam Kirchoff
      Sam Kirchoff

      The click sound happens when people submit new messages on the chat box. To turn it off, go to the PDN article page, scroll down to the live chat box and look at the bottom right corner. The second icon from the right will be a sound one – click on it and the popping sound will go away.

  7. John R Randolph
    John R Randolph

    Do you have any suggestions for users with bifocals when it comes to trying to aim a handgun? It seems to take a lot of head tilting to get focus where you need it.

  8. Wayne

    Do you think flash light mounted on rails help keep the recoil down and allow sights back on target faster?