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Visualization in Defensive Firearms Training

With a simple change to your training and practice you can have a significant impact on the efficacy of your efforts.  You don’t need any extra equipment or fancy drills.  You just need to add Visualization, powered by some knowledge of violence and your imagination.

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Two Person Armed Defense

As Concealed Carry has become both easier and much more common over the past two decades, this type of training has moved from Fantasy Camp status to something that just makes sense for a lot of people. The Two Person Armed Defense Class addresses practical approaches to team tactics for the everyday person.

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A call to a Training Evolution in 2016

Throughout everything we do in life, there is a constant sense of progression; something that encourages us to “be more.” Every day we are evolving, in some aspect of our lives, we strive to be or do better than the day before. Are you ready for a Training Evolution?

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Variation helps develop Defensive Shooting Skills

I've long advised against practicing the same choreographed timer drills over and over again as a means to developing applicable defensive shooting skills. Ultimately, you want to learn to APPLY skills, not just perform them in isolation during a drill you've been obsessing over.

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The 42 Most Important Ideas In Defensive Tactical Shooting

it’s not easy to talk about the most important terms and concepts in the world of defensive shooting — because it’s a little difficult to judge what makes something important! There are, certainly, a lot of things we can talk about which are valuable or which are significant to defensive shooting in some way. These are generally thought of as the things we do, or want to do, or need to have when preparing to defend ourselves with a firearm. They’re important to know. At the same time there are some ideas which are very prevalent in the field, but which aren’t really valuable or are routinely misunderstood. This series of articles, then, is going to look at both sides of the importance equation: those things which have positive importance (good to know and do), as well as those things with negative importance (good to know and avoid.)

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Overcoming Range Habits

It’s that time of year again, when we make promises to ourselves about what we will change, do more (or less) of, and how we will improve ourselves and our circumstances in the coming year. We risk frustration, disappointment, or failure by making them in the first place. Experts often advise us not to set…

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