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Top 5 Bad Habits

I painfully watched my student get shot. The rounds impacted his upper chest area in perfect placement, even though the bad guy was shooting from a grounded position with only one hand. The bad guys have all the luck. Fortunately, this was not a real fight, only a simulated one during a class I was…

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Practicing in the Resource-Constrained Environment

Physical skills cannot be learned well by reading a book or watching a video; they need to be physically practiced. We firearms instructors would like you to do three practice sessions of 200 rounds each week working on various marksmanship, movement, and tactical drills. However, that’s not a realistic expectation. Most people, myself included, live…

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What Makes a Teacher?

Is it the certificate on the wall, the training to get the certificate, the mindset, or our actual knowledge of tactics that work for self-defense? Knowing tactics doesn’t make an instructor, of course, and it’s a shame that most of the training organizations that provide credentials for instructors don’t stress actual teaching of the material.…

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Prioritize Your Training

None of us can predict what, where, when or how a critical incident will occur. The only elements we can control are mindset, training and gear. Everything else is unfortunately up to our potential attackers and luck. Because of this, true personal protection training should include a variety of different skill sets based on the…

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