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Active Shooter Response + DVD

Rob Pincus
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Active Shooter Response + DVD
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Meet your instructor, PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus. Rob explains the context of the Active Shooter Response class and provides an overview of the risks, roles, and responsibilities that individuals face when reacting to a spree killer event.
In this overview, Rob walks you through what you can expect from this PDN Academy Class. He points out, and prepares you for, the key concepts to be covered in each of the Sessions that follow.
This in-depth session helps you think about the stimuli that will cause you to initiate your response plan in the first place. By quickly recognizing a threat, you can immediately assess your circumstances and initiate your plan. The concepts of Evade, Barricade, and Respond are discussed in detail, including how to summon the will to fight, demystifying firearms as defensive tools, recognizing the use of improvised defensive tools, and more.
This session examines the fact that police response can be delayed, distracted, or too late in a dynamic active shooter scenario. You’ll learn tips and strategies for how to safely interact with law enforcement when they arrive on the scene, especially if you’re armed, and how to help and not hinder law enforcement efforts.
Being armed in an active shooter situation gives you the means to effectively end the threat, but a number of important considerations must be taken into account. Rob Pincus discusses the risks and responsibilities of using a gun to stop a threat in a chaotic and crowded environment. A series of live-fire demonstrations and drills are used to reinforce the concepts of shooting in a crowd, shooting in defense of others, one-handed shooting while physically shielding or protecting others, and more.
No active shooter response class would be complete without providing an understanding of how to deal with the physical aftermath of such a traumatic event. Rob Pincus introduces the concept of Emergency Medicine in the context of a spree killing, including the life-saving resources available. Demonstrations by Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics and others, show the techniques and tools that are often employed to help save the lives of shooting victims, including how to perform a blood claw, use a pressure dressing, apply a tourniquet, pack a wound, and more.
One of the most important aspects of the Active Shooter Response class, this session guides you through the process of putting your plan into practice, including sharing and discussing what you’ve learned with others who might be involved in your active shooter response plan. Helping others to visualize the scenarios you’ve planned for, and discussing your plan with them, will help break down the chaos and provide potentially life-saving coordination and cooperation in an actual active shooter event.
7 Lessons
3  hrs

Recent history has taught us tragic lessons about what to do, and what not to do, in the terror and chaos of an active shooter event. It was once believed that hiding and waiting for police to arrive was the best plan to avoid harm. That thinking has changed and a new approach has emerged.

This class, Active Shooter Response, provides a comprehensive, pro-active approach for those who find themselves in the midst of an active shooter crisis. This online class seeks to inform, enable and empower you with the knowledge and tactics you can apply to protect yourself and others, using any means available, to increase your odds of survival.

Your instructor is PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus, along with contributions from Kelly Muir, Founder of “Be the Wrong Woman”, Caleb Causey, owner and Director of Training for Lone Star Medics, and others. Rob applies his experience in law enforcement and personal defense instruction, along with insights gained through research and observation of the events that unfolded in the world’s most infamous spree killing events, to assemble this information-packed class presentation.

Useful for viewers of all experience levels and abilities, Rob provides armed and unarmed concepts and techniques anyone can apply, using a combination of presentations and demonstrations to inform and instruct students on the actions they can take in any active shooter setting.

By planning ahead for the possibility of a spree killing, students learn to overcome the shock of a violent encounter faster and to safely react as the situation dictates. You will explore the concepts of evasion and barricade in order to avoid contact with the threat.

Plus, you will learn defensive strategies, tactics, and training concepts to prepare yourself to react with force to stop a spree killer by any means possible.

More Than a Video Presentation

In addition to the information and demonstrations provided by the video presentation, this class includes, “Guide To Active Shooter Response Planning”, a printable download authored by PDN Contributor Aaron Janneti, as well as an “Improvised Defensive Tools” worksheet and an “Active Shooter Response Plan” reference sign, prepared by Rob Pincus.

These information-packed downloads are accessible along with your videos when you purchase this class, to further support your ongoing Active Shooter Response training.

Rob Pincus

As Executive Director of Personal Defense Network (PDN), Rob Pincus is the embodiment of PDN’s commitment to providing affordable, accessible, practical personal defense information and effective training for the masses. Rob has produced over 100 Training DVDs, published 9 books and written countless articles on topics related to all aspects of personal defense. His I.C.E. Training Company has developed many training programs and certified hundreds of instructors to help others be prepared to defend themselves and those they care about. Rob currently serves as a Reserve Deputy with the San Juan County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office.

Rob Pincus

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