Rob Pincus

Counter Ambush Concepts: Neuroscience

Rob Pincus
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Counter Ambush Concepts: Neuroscience
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This first class Session delves into the important distinction between the things you truly do naturally and the gut feelings or increased efficiency you have based on prior experiences and learning. Most importantly, Rob explains how you can utilize these two powerful concepts in your preparation for personal defense. Instinctive things can’t be erased, but you can learn to integrate them into your training and you can choose to train in ways that work well with what your body does naturally.

The structure of the brain isn’t as mysterious as you might think… and our understanding of how the brain works heavily influences how we should think about training, practice and the execution of our learned skills under stress. In this Session, you’ll learn about how the brain’s systems work together and separately to create our reactions and responses. By understanding the workings of the brain, you will be more confident in your choices of what and how to train when it comes to preparation for personal defense.

Recognition is the Method of the Expert. After repeated exposure to information or experiences, you can develop expertise in an area and become more proficient. Your responses and decisions become faster and more accurate. This Session explains what Recognition is, how to develop it and how it plays into your most efficient defensive responses.

This Session covers the nuances of the decision making process and how we come to the conclusions or take the actions that we do. The Session’s key points revolve around the O3R Process of decision making for the trained person in a dynamic critical incident. Through training and practice over time, you can learn to have your decision making process automated so that you take action without having to cognitively process information, or even being aware that you are making a decision. You want your actions in a fight to be like stepping on the brakes when a deer jumps onto the road in front of your car: You don’t need to think about them, they just happen because your brain shortcuts the normal complex cognitive process of choosing between options.

4 Lessons
1  hrs 13  mins

Neuroscience is the study of how the human brain functions and interacts with the nervous system. Counter Ambush Concepts: Neuroscience looks specifically at what we know about how the human brain operates in the context of a surprise physical attack. In taking this class, you’ll learn how to apply this knowledge in the selection and set up of a defensive handgun, and the development of an effective reality-based counter ambush training model that maximizes efficiency in stopping a threat.

Something as mundane as stumbling on a flight of stairs, for example, elicits an automatic physical reaction of reaching for a railing or bracing ourselves for the fall. Similarly, the human body is hardwired to physically react when startled or caught off guard, as in an ambush. This class helps you understand your body’s automatic reaction so that you can integrate those reactions into your defensive training plan.

Your instructor for this class is PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus. Rob breaks down key aspects of the neuroscientific processes of the human brain in easy-to-understand terms and applies those processes to defensive training. You’ll differentiate critical concepts like sensory perception versus cognitive awareness, and what it means to react instinctively versus intuitively. And you’ll see how advances in our understanding of the neurosciences has led to an evolution in a training concept pioneered decades ago, called the O.O.D.A. Loop, into a contemporary update called O3A.

The importance of knowing how the human brain reacts to surprises, how it controls your body, executes learned responses and contributes to the techniques that you are going to rely on in an ambush situation cannot be overstated.

More Than a Video Presentation

In addition to the detailed video instruction, this class includes a printable download, detailing some of the key concepts presented in the video class. Plus, to help you put the concepts you learn into practice, you’ll receive 5 bonus downloadable training exercises designed to help you solidify your understanding of the material presented through your own practical application of key concepts.

Rob Pincus

As Executive Director of Personal Defense Network (PDN), Rob Pincus is the embodiment of PDN’s commitment to providing affordable, accessible, practical personal defense information and effective training for the masses. Rob has produced over 100 Training DVDs, published 9 books and written countless articles on topics related to all aspects of personal defense. His I.C.E. Training Company has developed many training programs and certified hundreds of instructors to help others be prepared to defend themselves and those they care about. Rob currently serves as a Reserve Deputy with the San Juan County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office.

Rob Pincus

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