Rob Pincus

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals + DVD

Rob Pincus
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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals + DVD
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Rob Pincus demonstrates that your grip is your connection to your handgun, and it is incredibly important in several ways. The right grip will help you hold on target with less effort, manage recoil and be capable of reloading your gun (as well as performing any other manipulations you might need to). In regard to defensive shooting, it is also important that your grip is achievable as efficiently as possible, especially when drawing from a holster.
The Extended Shooting Position is the default position for defending yourself with a handgun. In this session, you’ll see how the best Extended Shooting Position not only assists in aligning the gun even before (or without) referencing your sights, but it will also help you manage recoil as well as possible for fast follow up shots.
Your Defensive Shooting Stance, which will be your primary position when training and practicing, should be as congruent as possible with the type of natural athletic body position that most people move into when they are scared, surprised and/or in a fight. Rob Pincus explains that the positions may not be exactly how you end up in an actual defensive shooting, but it should be close enough that you’re able to apply the shooting skills you’ve developed as much as possible. This Session teaches how practicing in a poor stance, or one that supports target shooting only, can hamper your skill development and/or lead to a false confidence in your ability.
The High Compressed Ready Position is the default position in which to hold your defensive handgun whenever you are not actually shooting at a threat or needing to otherwise move the pistol. In the High Compressed Ready, you can assess your environment, reload your gun, clear a malfunction, move from one position to another and do just about anything else you might need to with a gun in your hand(s).
This Session focuses on Trigger Control. Here you’ll learn why it is the one mechanical part of defensive shooting that really has no counterpart in other natural activities. Isolating the movement of your trigger finger from the rest of your hand and learning to press the trigger smoothly, at a pace that varies with the need for precision, is vital to your success as a shooter.
If you carry a gun in the public space, you need to be able to efficiently draw your gun from a holster and fire a shot as fast as appropriate to the circumstances. Too often, people practice shooting from their ready position only (or worse only their shooting position) and fail to develop the requisite skill to actually get their gun into a fight during a surprise event.
6 Lessons
57  mins

A strong defensive handgun training program begins with mastering the fundamentals.

Establishing sound defensive shooting techniques helps you get the hits you need to stop a threat, consistently and efficiently. This PDN Academy Class breaks down the fundamental elements of defensive shooting and provides detailed instruction that you can train at the range.

Your instructor is professional defensive shooting instructor and PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus. Rob contrasts traditional shooting techniques, designed for marksmanship in a controlled environment, with the techniques designed specifically for defensive use in response to a threat.

Rob demonstrates each of the critical elements of defensive shooting, from grip and stance to trigger control and presentation from a holster – all while focusing on shooting consistently and achieving maximum efficiency in order to stop a threat.

Countless students have benefitted from the lessons taught in this information-packed class. You’ll follow along as each aspect of defensive shooting is broken down, discussed and demonstrated with great detail. You’ll break the mold of traditional pistol shooting form and build the fundamentals of effective defensive shooting from head to toe. Each class session is easy to follow, simple to learn, and provides a solid foundation for defensive shooters of all abilities.

Take advantage of the convenience and value of this highly informative class to guide your defensive shooting skills. Apply the fundamentals you learn with this PDN Academy Class to help in your range training and develop the skills you need to carry with confidence.

In addition to the dynamic video presentation, upon purchase of the class, you’ll have access to a free printable download covering key aspects of the lessons presented.

NOTE: You’ll receive this Class video instruction in two forms: As on-demand streaming video (in your PDN Account); and as a physical DVD, mailed to you.

Rob Pincus

As Executive Director of Personal Defense Network (PDN), Rob Pincus is the embodiment of PDN’s commitment to providing affordable, accessible, practical personal defense information and effective training for the masses. Rob has produced over 100 Training DVDs, published 9 books and written countless articles on topics related to all aspects of personal defense. His I.C.E. Training Company has developed many training programs and certified hundreds of instructors to help others be prepared to defend themselves and those they care about. Rob currently serves as a Reserve Deputy with the San Juan County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office.

Rob Pincus

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