2017 Shooter's Summit online Training Conference

Today is the last day of a FREE Online virtual training conference that I am proud to be a part of, The 2017 Shooter’s Summit.

This event has been going on for the past week and has featured 31 Shooting Instructors, Experts in Armed Defense Topics, Competition Shooters, Shooting Community Influencers and Personal Defense Educators covering a wide variety of topics. Each speaker spent about an hour with Arik Levy, host of Firearms Nation. My session went live yesterday and is available for free for 48hrs. In fact, if you Register Now, you can still see over a dozen free sessions from some great instructors, including: Mike Seeklander (Shooting Performance), Mike Hughes (Next Level Training), Jeff Gonzales (Trident Concepts), Kerry Davis (Dark Angel Medical) and William Petty (Centrifuge Training). You probably recognize a couple of those names as long time PDN contributors… and, I’m proud to announce that William Petty will be joining us a a 2018 PDN Training Tour Instructor as well!

My session covers the proper definition of Reality Based Training and why it is so important to train and practice in a contextually relevant way. I have gotten a lot of great feedback over the past 24hrs about why sessions, including the note below, which shows that the sender really gets what my session was really about: Mechanics and isolated performance or choreographed application in competition can all be great pieces of the puzzle, but if you aren’t really training to apply your skills when you are caught off guard and need them most, then you aren’t maximizing your preparation for Armed Defense.

It’s FREE! I get that this is a holiday weekend… you probably have a lot going on… but, take an hour or ten over the next couple of days to learn from some outstanding educators while you can. I have long been an advocate of training conferences for having a huge “Bang for your Buck” factor… and it doesn’t get much better than 12 Sessions for ZERO BUCKS. If you find value, and I honestly believe you will, you will find an opportunity to get an ALL ACCESS PASS so that you can watch the sessions you missed from the over 20 or so contributors including Ernie Langdon, Bennie Cooley, Tatiana Whitlock, Andrew Branca, Brian Enos and Wayne Dobbs… and, with that pass, you’ll get access to all sessions forever and some great discounts, including a 90% Discount on your first year of Premium Membership at Personal Defense Network, if you aren’t already a member!

Give yourself the gift of Education this weekend… or maybe share this article with those you care about and give them the chance to learn more about being prepared to defend themselves or others in a worst case scenario.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays… I’m looking forward to YOUR Feedback on my session in the comments below!


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  1. Jack Billington

    Guess I missed this one. How can I get notifications about upcoming events? I conducting shooting courses with firearms, so I'm very interested in visiting events like this.