A call to a Training Evolution in 2016

Throughout everything we do in life, there is a constant sense of progression; something that encourages us to “be more.” Every day we are evolving, in some aspect of our lives, we strive to be or do better than the day before. Are you ready for a Training Evolution? This is certainly not a re-hash of the “Theory of Evolution” as presented by Charles Darwin; however, the progressive desire of our human nature places us on a path of adapting to and within our daily routines – we unsuspectingly and subconsciously evolve. Myriam Webster’s Dictionary defines this as follows: to come forth gradually into being; develop; undergo evolution; the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. So how do we determine the conscious desire?

No matter our background, the evolution of mindset and defensive shooting application is paramount to survival. These are concepts that many fail to comprehend when it comes to areas of personal protection and self-defense; the ill-thought interpretation of what is required to achieve certain goals or standards. Too often, I see or speak with individuals who are complacent, and content, with their perceived mindset and abilities with a firearm – a false sense of security, regardless of origination, ultimately provides no security. These people are easy to recognize, likely due to the fact that I was once just like them. I grew up shooting, served in the military, and spent plenty of time on the range shooting with family and friends; and over time I had instilled this notion that due to the length of my exposure, I had become more efficient and effective – people can be exposed to radiation over a lengthy period of time, but it does not make them more resistant to poisoning. Ultimately, I became content and complacent in my abilities with a firearm; however, had never applied relevant skills or scenarios to any of my shooting – I created a false sense of security for myself. There are a dozen “reasons” I could lay out to describe how and why that point had been reached, but it serves no true purpose; conversely, the pivotal recognition of the need to evolve my skillset does – my conscious desire to develop.

Remember, your defensive gear can be a place for evolution as well!

Remember, your defensive gear can be a place for evolution as well!

This evolutionary process of developing mindset and skills is not limited to firearms. What happens if you have a job, or spend a majority of time, where firearms are prohibited? This is the need to think outside the box, where a true advancement of mindset takes shape – personal protection and self-defense are not limited to an application of firearms. Martial arts, boxing, and general physical fitness are a few areas where the mindset of personal protection advance. Learning a hand-to-hand skillset not only aides in the development of self-defense, but provides options where the need for a firearm may not arise, and also fits into the evolutionary advancement of personal protection. Can’t carry a gun? Carry a knife – and learn to use it effectively and efficiently in the perspective of personal protection. If you are like me and happen to work in an environment that requires being seated for the majority of the day, make sure you are doing something to remain physically active. Personal health and fitness tie more into the operative abilities of personal protection and self-defense than most like to think – do not take physical fitness for granted.

Once the determination has been met, one thing remains constant, commitment to the conscious desire to evolve personal standards of mindset and self-defense. The subconscious manifestation is there, whether you accept it or not – so why not make the choice to be in control of your Training Evolution?

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