America's First Concealed Carry Expo!

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Presents America's First Concealed Carry Expo

PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus will be appearing at the Concealed Carry Expo, which is being hosted by Gander Mountain Academy together with some of the firearms world’s top manufacturers and trainers.

The two-day expo will be held September 22-23 at the first Gander Mountain Academy facility in Lake Mary, Florida.

Concealed Carry Expo will feature on-site concealed carry certification classes for just $99, dozens of vendors, special guests and promos, Try & Buys from top manufacturers, and more.

Among the guests scheduled to appear are:

  • Rob Pincus, one of the nation’s premiere self-defense experts, owner of I.C.E. Training Company, and developer of the Combat Focus Shooting program.
  • Mark Walters, host of the nationally syndicated Armed America Radio program.
  • Michael Martin, author of Handgun & Concealed Carry Fundamentals.
  • Representatives from the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Gander Mountain Academy is located at 3750 Flagg Lane in Lake Mary, near the intersection of Interstate 4 and Lake Mary Blvd.

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Concealed Carry Certification Class

While at the expo, you’ll attend a concealed carry certification class for $99. This course greatly exceeds the minimum State requirements for obtaining your Florida Concealed Carry Permit. It is fast paced and very informative, the most extensive Concealed Carry Course you will find anywhere. Our highly trained instructors will give you the best possible classroom instruction and demonstration. You will be required to perform a shooting and safe firearm handling test on both our virtual and live-fire ranges at the end of the course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement and all necessary forms to apply for your concealed carry permit/license. Course book included.

Bring your firearm, 50 rounds of ammunition, and eye and hearing protection.

Class fees do not include state application fees.

The Concealed Carry Expo runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, September 22-23. For more information and event details, call Gander Mountain Academy at 407-804-0514, visit the Gander Mountain web site at or find Gander Mountain Academy on Facebook.

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3 Responses to “America's First Concealed Carry Expo!”

  1. JohnG

    For Rob, Did I hear correctly? Your daughter fired a gun at 18 months old?

  2. gm04

    I have been working on many scenarios with airsoft/blue gun(s). They are great for improving muscle memory and having fun (as long as obey rules, such as wearing goggles, etc). And ok, very cheap too. I can even shoot target(s) from 15 m with cheap toy airsoft with a very quick draw. However there are many things that you cannot practice with airsoft, which matters a lot in a real scenario. Let me say a few of them; 1. trigger pull is not the same (*** No sir, you cannot train yourself as a sharp shooter) 2. generally replica has the weight of an empty gun 3. Cheap materials used which cause many stupid things that you cannot encounter in real gun, and vice versa (You cannot experience real malfunctions) 4. You do not need to clean it at all, or properly clean. (however real gun - real dirt) 5. it makes you better and more dangerous (it might be a bad for may normal people because it does not give you option to wound the attacker. You fire at head and/or heart...) 6. many more other reasons... In summary, blue gun/airsoft/other methods are just only complements of education of real guns. So they never be used instead of real gun practice/education. Adding scenarios makes this matter just much more complex which is another debate. Regards.

  3. leepinlarr

    very good points made all around. My son Got me a Airsoft pistol for Fathers day after we had been talking about the expense and scarcity of rounds, we are now able to shoot at the house, I was amazed by the accuracy and speed of the airsoft pistol. We have purchased blackhawk holsters to boot.