Block 2: Multiple Threat Engagement

The traditional approach to training for multiple threat engagement is most often grounded in competitive shooting, resulting in techniques that work in the controlled environment of the competition range. The realities of defensive shooting warrant a different approach, however. Block Two begins by addressing the differences between conventional competition-based training and reality-based training, starting with the need to integrate threat assessment and information gathering into each shooting repetition. Students learn four critical aspects of assessing their environment, which includes stopping an additional threat, recognizing the need to avoid being shot, recognizing the need to help others, and gaining a position of advantage. The concepts and techniques are then integrated into the first of many live-fire drills to follow, focused on multiple threat engagement scenarios.


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3 Responses to “Block 2: Multiple Threat Engagement”


    After watching Two-Person Armed Defense block 1 & 2 - I see real value in this format couples who carry could use this in their self-defense training, possible areas this could be expanded to could include less lethal, and first aid. one side note part of the sound did cut out in the video, but still good material.

  2. Kim Brown

    No sound in the assessment portion of the video

  3. Brian Shuler

    Certainly, movement should be incorporated as a target is being engaged. However, why did you discourage the student from moving during the scanning process?. Isn't it prudent to be moving while assessing for additional threat as well?