Coming Soon: William Aprill's new series "They Are Not You"

William Aprill has been a contributor to PDN for a number of years and I’m really excited to have him stepping up his role on our team significantly this year! William is one of the most thoughtful and articulate educators in the world of self-defense and his new series of contributions to this blog will be informative, enlightening and, I truly believe, compelling in regard to motivating people to be as prepared as possible to defend themselves and those they care about from violence. One of the most important lessons that William taught me many years ago was that you can’t worry about trying to make sense of why someone is trying to (or about to try to) hurt you… you just have to respond. “They are not you”… violent criminal actors are, by definition, different from us. Their perspective, ethos, mental faculties and risk/reward perspective probably don’t match yours. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense to you, especially in the moment. Evil exists, you may be visited by that evil… you must be prepared to defend yourself from it.

In the moment of a dynamic critical incident, you can’t get caught in the mental trap of denial. You can’t be frozen by the nonsensical nature of what is happening to you or your family. You must deal with the reality of what you are experiencing in a way that ignores any concern for understanding more than what is actually happening and what you should do in response. Through his articles, DVDs and PDN Live contributions, William has been educating the PDN audience for many years… this series is going to take his contributions to the next level!

William Aprill's examples of real world violence will illustrate that They Are Not You.

The stories that William will be sharing will be graphic, disturbing and real. These examples drive home an important lesson about people who commit acts of irrational violence: They Are Not You!

William Aprill’s series will contain True Stories of violence. These stories don’t always have a happy ending. Some of the examples he provides will be disturbing. Some may touch a nerve or two. Some may be graphic. The point of the series isn’t to wallow in the gore or sensationalize relatively rare occurrences… the point is to help us all understand that you never know from whom, where or when there is extreme and irrational violence lurking. You can’t go through life assuming that your awareness, habits or preparations will keep you safe… you may need to take immediate action. These stories are reminders that, especially in the worst case scenarios, you won’t see it coming and you may not even be able to explain why it is happening. You may not understand why anyone would do the horrible things you are going to learn about because, as the title of the series says: They Are Not You.

If you aren’t yet familiar with William Aprill, check out his Aprill Risk Consulting website. He is one of the most universally respected experts in the area of criminal violence and related issues of mental health. If you haven’t seen his previous contributions to PDN, check out This Video for a sample of his wisdom and insight. The two full length DVDs that he did with us. We’ve got something new coming from PDN! If you aren’t familiar with William Aprill’s contributions to the defensive training community, take a look at this review of one of the DVDs he’s done with us in the past… and stand by for the news about an important new series that he’ll be sharing through our blog!” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Violent Criminal Actors and The 5 W’s of Personal Defense) are among the most important titles we ever produced in regard to developing a counter ambush mindset and definitely worth owning and sharing with those you care about.

I’m looking forward to your feedback after the first few installments!


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