Domestic Violence and Firearms

“Call us if you need us”…. That is what one domestic violence victim was told by her local police department when she inquired as to how to protect herself against an angry, jaded ex-boyfriend. It’s not exactly comforting to think about police response times and this woman’s need to ensure her safety. As we all know, a lot can happen in seconds, let alone minutes after an assault has begun.

Domestic violence cases that result in the removal of firearms is just one topic of discussion from this HBO / VICE NEWS segment titled “How Domestic Violence Victims View Firearms”.

The voice mail from one woman’s former lover is chilling and illustrates the need for women to take self protection seriously. Domestic violence cases contain some staggering statistics. Many are shared in this video from VICE, with some commentary that will lead us to further debate the rights for citizens in America to protect themselves, along with the need to properly train people in a timely fashion in order to make sure that they are safe gun owners.

Some states are allowing fast track permitting for people who file a protection order to carry. The debate ends with a female instructor’s opinions vs. that of the “director of the Gender Violence Clinic at the University of Maryland”.

Take a moment to check this one out and let us know what your take aways and opinions are!

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One Response to “Domestic Violence and Firearms”

  1. Robert Bowen

    I had an order written against me just so that my wife could have her new boyfriend move in. I had a firearm that was a black powder pistol removed. The new boyfriend then sexually abused my 2 young daughters. Both my wife and boyfriend then abandoned both the girls in an empty mobile home. When found, I took custody. Police sought the two for a year. When located a warrant was issued. The boyfriend committed suicide before he could be arrested. I got my concealed permit but when I went to purchase a new weapon, the background check was found redflagged due to the original order which took months to get a release. Sometimes it is too easy to get a domestic violence order under false pretenses. I understand females who really due need to protection. The orders for the most part is just a piece of paper. I agree if a person is threatening to kill a wife, girlfriend or the other way around..weapons should be removed when validated.