"Don't Tase Me Bro" takes on a whole new meaning!

It all went down in Philly last Friday, a man was approached by police officers who in turned “Tased” the man using an issued, non lethal weapon. Tasers rarely end up killing or permanently harming anyone, but this case is different.


The man’s clothing burst into flames as the taser was deployed.

No one seems to know why the flames appeared. We cannot find any other cases where this has been filmed. “Pat Tackney, who managed to capture the entire incident on film said the encounter occurred when the man refused to leave Jim’s Steaks and ended up having to be dragged out by security,” The Daily Mail writes.

The incident is being reviewed, and the actions leading up to the film you see in the report will be analyzed to see what actually happened. For now, there are little to no answers why the man’s clothing ignited. Stay tuned for updates. Have you ever heard of Tasers igniting clothing before? Leave a comment below.

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