Flowers or Guns? Good Guys Have Both, Actually

Personal Defense Network’s Executive Director has taken some time to comment on the social media frenzy surrounding the viral video of a French Father comforting his son during an interview in the aftermath of the Terrorist Attacks that took place there last week. You can read Rob Pincus’ full article at his I.C.E. Training Company Blog Page.

If you haven’t seen the short video, it is worth watching. As Pincus points out in his article, it is a reminder of the tender family moments of kindness that happen all the time, but rarely make the news and even more rarely get brought up in the context of defensive training. The father comforts his young son by telling him that he is protected from the bad guys by the flowers being laid down at a memorial. Of course, in a literal sense, that is preposterous. But, in a philosophical sense, Pincus points out that the emotions and thoughts behind the flowers are exactly what prompt good people to own guns and prepare to defend themselves and those they care about from Evil. Of course, we need more than just flowers… but, if we just have guns, what do we really have? Take a moment to think about why you train? Why have you committed to being prepared to defend yourself and those you care about? “Flowers or Guns?” really isn’t a valid choice in today’s world.

IMG_5707At Personal Defense Network, we feel strongly that defensive training is more than just a hobby and is certainly not an end in and of itself… it is the activity that gets undertaken so that we may protect the things we really care about.  Good guys (and girls…) with guns need to have flowers in their lives to inspire the time, energy and effort that go into training and practice.

What are your flowers?

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