PDN LIVE! Improvised & Low Profile Self-Defense Tools


Chris Fry joined Rob Pincus for PDN LIVE to discuss Improvised & Low Profile Self-Defense Tools. In addition to being a PDN Contributor for several years, Chris is a passionate advocate for multidisciplinary training and the founder of MDTS Training. He teaches all around the country and publishes valuable information frequently on the Internet.


Chris first joined the PDN Team for a DVD on Carbine Combatives, teaching the use of a long gun as an improvised striking tool and covering rifle retention under worst case scenarios in extreme close quarters. Over the past few years, Chris has developed his expertise in Close Quarters Self-Defense, with an emphasis on extremely low-profile tool carry and use. He has created products, courses and techniques specific to this vital area of training.

Chris and Rob will be discussing basic principles of low-profile carry, defensive tools for areas that restrict access to traditional tools such as guns and knives and the use of improvised tools that can be found in the everyday environment. As with all PDN LIVE Events, this one will feature extensive Q&A as well… submit your questions in the comments here or through PDN Social Media!


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