IN MEMORIAM: Mark Craighead

My good friend and industry leader Mark Craighead has passed away. Mark owned and operated CrossBreed Holsters with his family and friends. I received the news today from the family and they asked me to pass on their thanks for the thoughts of the firearms community and their assurance that things would continue as expected at CrossBreed. We have lost a great asset.

Image of Mark and his close friends all happy

Mark became a leader in the industry as his incredibly innovative CrossBreed Holster design and company quickly become respected for quality and function. He and I worked together on many projects over the last few years and I had the pleasure of hearing from many of his customers in my courses who greatly appreciated his and his company’s efforts to meet their needs. Mark would often ask me what people were saying about the products and how they held up in class, and he was always proud to hear the great reports. He was also very eager to find ways to better serve his customers, the firearms community and the industry as a whole.

Image of mark doing a peace sign

Approximately three weeks ago, Mark had a heart attack after a successful outpatient surgical procedure and had a very bad few days. We all believed that he had come through it and was on the road to full recovery. Earlier today, he had another massive heart attack and we lost him.

Outside of work, which he very much enjoyed, Mark was both a dedicated family man and a bit of an adventurer. One of his biggest hobbies was motor sports. He had some very impressive vehicles that he enjoyed driving/riding when time allowed. He even ran his beloved Lingenfelter Cadillac CTS-V in the Cannonball Run last year and had planned to try the Vegas to Reno Desert Race in 2013.

Image of mark practicing target shooting

One thing that truly stood out about Mark was his commitment to friends and family. As CrossBreed Holsters grew, he continued to bring more and more of both into the operations to share in his success and in fulfilling his commitment to excellence. I have yet to meet anyone in the industry who had a bad word to speak of him and sincerely doubt that I ever will.

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8 Responses to “IN MEMORIAM: Mark Craighead”

  1. Sam

    Deepest condolences to Carol and the Crossbreed family I am a loyal customer and love the products and for what Crossbreed stands for Again deepest condolences to the family Sam


    Rob, Thanks for sharing this bit of unfortunate news. We've definitely lost a huge contributor in the CCW world. My thoughts and prayers definitely are with his family and friends. Take care and God bless you all. R.I.P Mark...

  3. notyalc66

    The Vegas to Reno Desert Race in 2013 should be run as a Memorium to Mr.Craighead have a relitive drive and a co-worker co pilot I think that would be fitting for a man who loved his Hobbie of motorsports and also his love of Family and his company R.I.P. Mark

  4. C. Robinson

    God Bless Mark and those who surely missing him. Mark 3:16

  5. Jon Abel

    The firearms industry has lost a true pioneer

  6. Eli Brown

    I was so fortunate to meet Mr. Craighead at the 2011 Shot Show. This man was truely a rarity in the firearms industry. His passion for what he did, his love for family & friends was imediately evident. He & Matthew Craighead were kind enough to spend almost an hour & 30 minutes of they're time speaking with myself & my business partner. His advise & support towards us will not be he will never be forgotten.

  7. Keith Greenwood

    He will be greatly missed and I know that Jesus Christ is with him. God bless all.

  8. W.A. Scheer

    Sad to hear this. I'd spoke to Mark a couple of time over the phone, but never really "knew" him. He struck me the kind of guy who had that combination of being deadly serious about his work, but having a blast doing it. R.I.P.