Irresponsible off duty US Border Patrol Agent causes 47,000 acre wildfire

The newly released video from 2017 was featured on INSIDE EDITION recently and shows the shot that started it all during a baby announcement gone very, very wrong.

Gender reveal parties have become the norm in America for many expecting families. Popping balloons to reveal confetti is one thing. Shooting binary explosives to reveal your unborn child’s gender in an area that may be dangerous to others is another. This couple made a poor choice, plain and simple. You can read the original article here: Explosive Gender Reveal Party Identified as Cause of Massive 47,000 Acre Wildfire

Please, do not be that guy! These stunts seem to cause more damage than good and reflect poorly on gun owners everywhere. Another question that is raised once again is this: are explosive targets the next target for anti-gunners looking to make a fuss?

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