LIVE Chat: July 6

In this video, Rob Pincus is joined by Rob Leatham for a quick chat about the new video series they have coming up. They also take some time to answer your questions live on air. Stay tuned for the next PDN LIVE coming soon! Original air date: Wednesday July 6, 6:00 p.m. CDT.

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13 Responses to “LIVE Chat: July 6”

  1. grant

    What comes through here is the need to not get stuck in one mindset. I do IDPA (badly) and have completed Rob's CFS course (also badly), but my mindset is that each informs the other. That means the basics are the basics, and getting practical experience shooting while moving, kneeling, around cover, doing reloads, shooting with either hand, etc. with IDPA supplements my static range shooting. Vice versa, when I go to the static range, I'll work a bit more on balance of speed/precision shooting because it aids getting better at IDPA. Together, the intent is to make ourselves better shooters - period.

  2. Alan

    Stay calm. Be safe.

  3. Timothy

    Wondering when or why you don't have any video's or talk about to new gun owner. The best was for a beginner how to shoot a target better and more accurate. Like how to hold your gun the right way, why am I shooting to the right or left of the bull's eye. The only thing you have tough is your stands. You only show video's on how to defend your self. But for a beginner it means nothing if you do not know how to shoot straight. If you teach more video's for beginners to shoot correctly more beginner would sign up with PDN. I have been a member for two years and I stopped because I believe you could teach us new gun owner how to shoot more accurate!!! I have even called in to PDN and there told me where to go for beginners but it has nothing to teach you how to be more accurate and more consistently. This is more that I'd love to see, because if you can shoot more accurate and consistent the I'd be ready for defending yourself or your family. Bottom line is if you can't shoot accurate and consistent defending yourself means nothing. So if you would come out with more video's of what I have just said I'd come back to PDN as a member!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this makes sense and my grammar is okay for you to understand. I Thank You and both Rob's. Tim

  4. Core

    I really like the two latest free videos covering trigger pull and dynamic sight movement. Good job guys. I'm getting shake on my trigger squeeze, I have some forearm issues stemming from weight lifting and bad tendons on my elbow. Any exercise recommendations?

  5. John

    Guys.....Pincus needs to turn his audio up, or Leatham needs to turn his audio down..

  6. John

    I had my IWB holster custom made to pull the gun super tight against my body. It slows my draw, but it conceals fantastically.

  7. John

    Why on earth did Springfield NOT put that sweet XDS trigger in the Mod2?? Very disappointed in the Mod2 trigger.

  8. David Williams

    Want to hear the information

  9. barrister bill

    Was this cancelled? Been waiting & getting frustrated. Now30 minutes past & I'm out of here!

  10. John

    Is it going to happen?