LUCID OPTICS Has 2021 BALLISTIC SUMMIT SUCCESS: Media Event Reveals Innovative Networking Success

RIVERTON, WY, U.S. – (September 16, 2021) – LUCID Optics, known for more than a decade of refining traditional optics for improved use in tactical and field settings, recently concluded their 2021 Ballistics Summit at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, NM. The Summit gathered outdoor companies and media from across the U.S. for a weekend packed with shooting, networking, and hands-on product evaluation.

According to LUCID Optics CEO, Jason Wilson, “Taking advantage of the excellent shooting facilities at the Whittington Center to present our optics and accessory lineup to our media friends and a handful of manufacturing partners was the ideal way to offer a sneak peek at what we have in the product pipeline for 2022.

“Getting LUCID Optics products visibility in the marketplace involves more than simply sending media samples for review or seeing them during quick fly-bys at trade shows. By inviting colleagues to spend a few days with us on the range at Whittington, they get to know our products, discover our company culture, and inevitably leave as friends,” he said. “We make a unique effort to combine our Optics with other Manufacturers we work with to present a “complete” package for the sportsmen.”

A large component of the LUCID Optics culture involves supporting other companies in the industry, says Wilson. “So, this year we included four additional sponsors to join the Ballistic Summit and share their brands and stories with the invited media. Participants enjoyed a comprehensive shooting experience with each sponsor that included the firearm, optics, and accessories.”

2021 Ballistic Summit Sponsors

Other Industry friends were invited to teach a quick intro class to what they do best. John Hurth of Tyr Group presented tracking in Forest terrain. Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics presented to the group explaining the importance of field Medical Training in your everyday life and especially at the Range. Amber and Derek Vaughn of DNA Customs taught a primer on Extra Long Range Shooting Techniques.

Attendee Rob Pincus shot a great video demonstrating the ELR and location VIDEO

“Feedback from customers, media, tactical users, and other industry folks is built into our product development process,” said Wilson. “The Ballistic Summit offers us range time and proving grounds ideal for innovation. Stay tuned for our 2022 new product introductions.

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About Lucid Optics
LUCID Optics is known for feature-rich optics that deliver repeatable performance in tactical, competitive, and field settings, all while withstanding a lifetime of hard use. We painstakingly build functional upgrades into traditional optic platforms because we understand that hard-charging shooters hunger for premium, practical, and cost-effective tools. Every enhancement is the result of countless hours spent on the shooting range, observations and experience from hunters and competitors, and the hands-on knowledge of law enforcement professionals. Our philosophy of incorporating improvements based on customer feedback ensures a refreshing and functional perspective on every product we deliver. In addition to commercial sales, LUCID Optics provides OEM capabilities for strategic partners.

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