Man shot with his own gun at a bar?

The man in this video was subsequently disarmed and shot multiple times with his own gun. This scene, reportedly recorded in Mexico, raises many questions…WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT

Rob Pincus asks and answers the following questions:

Did the disarmer get lucky?

Did the man need to be shot after his gun was taken away and he had stopped fighting?

Rob further breaks this video down and speaks about pre-attack cues as well as the importance of following the Three C’s in order when defending yourself within two arms reach. We practice on the range, but take a look at the details that Rob breaks down – information about the body language, the ability to disarm someone who is actively drawing and presenting a weapon, and much more.

What are the “three c’s” you may ask? They are Clear, Control and Counter. Rob talks about some of these concepts and how they relate the personal protection and executive protection worlds, and what you can gain from this video as a citizen defender.

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