Mass Pike Road Rage like no other!

Road rage caught on camera, with twists and turns that you do not see every day!

A 65 year old man was caught on camera holding on for dear life after a fender bender resulted in road rage unlike anything we’ve seen this year so far. The incident in Massachusetts ended up with a man holding onto the hood of the car – FOR OVER 3 MILES! Speeds of up to 70mph are being reported in the viral road rage incident.

A good samaritan saw the craziness and acted, getting the driver to pull over. Then he sprang to action and brandished a firearm, holding the driver at bay.

It gets better – the man on the hood CALLED POLICE while hanging on! “I thought he was going to run over me” said the man.

BOTH of the men were arrested on scene, details are still being gathered. The video is courtesy of FOX BOSTON NEWS, and they clearly state that the good samaritan, while detained briefly to clarify his permit to carry, was not charged with any crimes.

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  1. Mary

    It seems to me that people simply do not appreciate and value their lives. It's a pity.... <a href="" / rel="nofollow"></a>