The Neuroscience of Practice and Training (Video)

screen-shot-2017-02-28-at-8-56-46-amThis is a 5 minute video of at TED-Ed worth watching to get a better understanding of the neurophysiology behind valuable “practice”. The neuroscience of practice and training in general is a field I have studied in great detail over the last 10 to 15 years. Understanding the objective WHY behind techniques, gear and training is incredibly important and should be the focus of any inquiry by someone serious about defensive training or their preparation as an armed professional. Far too much advice in our community is followed subjectively based on irrelevant or very low value factors.

Myelin, Mirror Neurons, the importance of Contextual Relevance, Repetition, slow & fast being the same in most ways…. all of these things (and more) are discussed in great detail in the Neuroscience & Training Program sections of my book COUNTER AMBUSH. You can learn a more about solid practice concepts i a number of videos and articles here at PDN.

These things are also covered with direct relation to defensive training in the PDN Academy Online Course here:

Train (and Practice) Well! -RJP

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  1. keenermi

    Excellent ! Thank - you providing this succinct overview ...