Officer justifiably shoots good guy.

It’s a topic that many shy away from…..but not Rob. He breaks down a very difficult set of circumstances where an “officer shoots good guy” for us in his latest YouTube video:

Rob sums up the video with this description:
“The title of this video is hard to read. It represents tragedy that left one man dead, a Family mourning him as the lost hero he was, an agency and profession wracked by the aftermath and negative internal & external judgement and a community & country asking a lot of questions. This even happened in July of 2018 in Aurora, Colorado. In December, the police department released body camera footage, included herein, that shows without any room for doubt that the shooting was tragically justified. On this evening, a man forced his way into a home and was attacking Richard Black’s Grandson. Mr. Black, a Vietnam War Veteran, retrieved a defensive firearm and shot the attacker as the police were arriving at his home in response to calls for help. After saving his grandson, Mr. Black moved to the front of his home with his gun and flashlight in hand and failed to comply with the officer’s instructions. His actions were consistent with a threat to the officers, who had just heard two shots fired shortly before he appeared in the doorway.
In this video, Rob Pincus breaks down the pertinent learning points for armed citizens and police officers. Interacting with law enforcement while armed is a serious issue that “good guys with guns” need to address in their training and planning. Officers must also train for dealing with the 30+ Million people who can legal carry a concealed weapon for defense and the millions more who have guns staged in their homes and workplaces. Thanks to the Aurora PD for making these videos available”.

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One Response to “Officer justifiably shoots good guy.”

  1. Chris

    Never call the police until it’s done and your attorney is on the scene. Law enforcement has one mindset-shoot first and understand the facts later.