Political Comedian Changes Stance on Carry Guns After Being Held Up at Gunpoint

Tim Young was out and about on M street in Washington DC when in an instant his world view changed. Two men robbed him at gunpoint and made off with his cell phone. No one stopped them and he was rendered defenseless. Tim is a local political comedian, and he went public immediately sharing his changed perspective with the world via social media.

He responded to the experience stating “Terrified. You know, when I talk to people about this… you’re scared. There’s no man card involved. I was defenseless”

He tweeted immediately after the experience: Details: Last night I was robbed at gunpoint by 2 men in DC by the new @TheWharfDC on the way to get coffee at @dolcezzagelato at 7:45pm. They got my phone and tossed me around while people watched from a half block away. Then they ran off. Thanks to @DCPoliceDept for your help.”


Local channel 9 news in DC tweeted: ( @wusa9 ) .@TimRunsHisMouth says 6-7 people saw what happened and didn’t help while he was being robbed. He’s now changed his mind on guns. Wants to feel safer. Tells @brucejohnson9 he plans to apply for a conceal & carry permit.

Tim concluded with a statement about people who do not currently feel a need to have a permit, “I think a lot of those people who are opposed to having a conceal carry permit and being able to own a weapon have never had one pointed directly at them when they have nothing on them.”

It is often stated that you never feel the need to protect yourself if you have never been directly affected by violence or situations where evil rears it’s ugly head. This is yet another example of that notion ringing true as Tim openly admits that this experience has changed him forever!

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7 Responses to “Political Comedian Changes Stance on Carry Guns After Being Held Up at Gunpoint”

  1. Susan

    At the mall with my daughter when word quickly spread 'shots were fired'. Talk about a mall full of people in a panic!! I've always believed in the right to carry and my husband had a firearm that I had not learned how to handle. After that incident at the mall I got my own firearm, permit, training and am now a certified instructor and leader for a womans shooting organization. I am also proficient at handling my husband's firearms. Never again will I feel defenseless!!

  2. martman300

    As a young teenager, I witnessed a murder about 20/30 feet in front of me. One of my friends daddy was murdered in front of her while we were playing. This wasn’t a robbery, he was targeted. He was a longshoreman and the leader of the union. Fast forward now an adult, one of my coworkers was murdered. I was in my mid to late 20s now. The guy had been in prison twice for murder. My coworker was robbed, but the guy killed him for sport, fun, or what ever. He was on the ground already shot twice with witnesses all around, stood over him and shot him a 3rd time and shot him in the face to kill him. 3rd incident, my mother, now in her 60s coming home from work, a small fragile woman about 5’ nothing and 100 lbs, get mugged and beat up in the parking lot, again a very open area, she suffered PTSD, she became aforesaid to go out, moved to another city to try and feel safe. Why do I carry? You tell me. Murder is too common place. I at least want a fighting chance. I may forget my phone, but I have my wallet and my weapon. Usually these are my 3 of my 4 must haves as I walk out the door. Wallet Weapon Phone Keys Protect yourself.

  3. Brian P.

    Thankfully, many years ago I recognized how precious our 2nd Amendment rights are and how prudent it was to be prepared as much as you practically can without something life-changing or horrific happening to me. Many people wait until something happens to them personally to think about it and for many it’s too late and they never get a second chance. Thankfully, this guy will get a second chance to re-evaluate his stance on legally armed citizens. It is interesting that it takes a personal event for some to consider being legally armed. It’s not like you can’t find plenty of stories where it helped someone else or could have had they chose to arm themselves before the incident. I’m thankful that over the past 30 years concealed carry has become more popular and recognized as common practice than ever before. It will always be under attack though and we can never rest from standing up for our rights, especially our 2nd Amendment rights.

  4. Edwin

    Have known since being slapped at birth that you must be prepared to defend yourself!!

  5. Mr Dana Adkins

    I haven't had a life changing moment,and with my CC don't plan on having one,and I will protect my family,and anyone else around me,when the time arrives.

  6. Conner

    Being armed does not mean I’m looking for trouble...it only means I’m ready should trouble come looking for me

  7. Don

    One Liberal at a time...