"Protecting Your Homestead"... New Best Selling Book from the host of PDN's Training Talk !

Members and Frequent visitors of Personal Defense Network (PDN) know the value that longtime Contributor, Grant Cunningham, brings with his work in front of PDN cameras in video clips and as host of the popular semi-monthly internet broadcast of PDN’s Training Talk Live! Grant has provided PDN viewers and subscribers with insightful commentary and demonstrations covering a number of personal defense topics, ranging from wheel guns to gear reviews and more. He’s also one of the most prolific contributors from the training community through his keyboard as well… through articles (available at PDN, his blog and elsewhere), social media participation and his series of books on training topics.

Now, Grant adds to his “Best Selling Author” status with the recent release of his latest book, Protecting Your Homestead: Using a Rifle to Defend Life on Your Property.

The book, which provides valuable guidance in the practical application of a rifle to defend a rural homestead setting, quickly became the #1 selling title in the home security category on Amazon.com, following its release on April 9, 2018.

Available in both print and via download for Amazon Kindle, this unique and informational publication focuses on the concept of “perimeter defense” to effectively protect yourself, your family, and life on your homestead.

Quoting an excerpt from the book’s description on Amazon:

“Self defense in the country, or on a homestead, is different than it is in the suburbs…Instead of dealing with an intruder across the room, you might be dealing with a predator across the yard — or across the field. And instead of you being the victim (or being in close proximity to the victim), the life you’re protecting may be a lot closer to the attacker than it is to you.”

Protecting Your Homestead is the 11th book in Grant’s illustrious career as an author. Other titles include, Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver, Prepping For Life, and Shooter’s Guide to Handguns (published by Gun Digest).

To read more about Grant Cunningham’s latest book and Grant’s training philosophies visit GrantCunningham.com., or to purchase it in paperback or eBook, head over Amazon.

To see Grant Cunningham’s many contributions to Personal Defense Network, visit Personal Defense Network, and enter Key words “Grant Cunningham”.

And, be sure to watch Grant LIVE on PDN’s Training Talk twice a month. I’m proud to have him on our team!


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