RUMOR ON TWITTER: Disney Installing Bleeding Control Kits In Case Of Mass Shootings

Sample of Kits on hand at Disney

Anonymous sources with access to backstage restricted areas recently leaked some photos of bleed control units on property to be used in the event of a mass shooting at Disney World. They are being installed close to guest choke points such as security screening zones.

The source made it clear the these are not individual medical kits, these kits are in a larger case and are intended to be used when dozens of people need to be treated quickly. The source also reported that no training or any communication with the staff has been noticed since the appearance of the bleed control kits. Again, these are behind the scenes, not in public view.

In addition to the anonymous sources that are talking, the buzz is hitting twitter as well. The user, @thatsjustgary on twitter wrote:

It is alarming — frightening — to see @Disney placing mass casualty “bleeding control kits” just backstage at its theme parks. DoD “tested & approved for use by all U.S. military forces.”


We all agree that having the proper equipment on hand is critical in a situation such as a mass killer event. What about training? What are your thoughts on putting them in public areas, similar to AED’s and Fire Extinguishers? HAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY EVER DISCUSSED A PLAN WHEN ON VACATION AT A PARK SUCH AS DISNEY?
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One Response to “RUMOR ON TWITTER: Disney Installing Bleeding Control Kits In Case Of Mass Shootings”

  1. Todd

    I think this is a logical and intelligent thing to do, and think lives could be saved, if we had these in every school, and get back to teaching youth basic first aid and application.