Special Announcement: PDN and USCCA Joining Forces

“Keep a close eye on what we do next!”

Those are the words of PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus, announcing a new collaboration that’s bringing a breadth of new opportunities for private individuals seeking to protect themselves AND to be protected. And that means you!

Thanks to a just-announced partnership that leverages the combined resources of the nation’s best and most dynamic providers of affordable, personal defense information and protection, the members of Personal Defense Network and United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) will soon be seeing more from each other.

That’s because PDN and USCCA are combining their resources to provide members of both groups with new benefits and opportunities.

PDN and USCCA will also be announcing future opportunities for select PDN members’ access to USCCA personal defense insurance, backed by USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD, the most comprehensive personal defense insurance coverage consumers can buy, giving you the peace of mind you deserve in the wake of a self-defense incident. Learn more about Self-Defense SHIELD and the protection it provides.

Through this special arrangement, and in addition to Self Defense SHIELD, PDN members will see valuable new opportunities and special announcements coming their way from USCCA in the weeks and months ahead.

Check out this Press Release, announcing the PDN and USCCA partnership, and the video below from USCCA Founder and President, Tim Schmidt and PDN Executive Director, Rob Pincus.

Keep an eye on your email and other PDN correspondence to see what we – PDN and USCCA – do next!

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16 Responses to “Special Announcement: PDN and USCCA Joining Forces”

  1. Michael Lythgoe


  2. Michael Casillas

    This is probably the most important thing to come to FB.

  3. Alan Waschak

    Great move. Rob is on top of the game.

  4. David

    Looks promising!

  5. Dwight Longest

    Member of both

  6. Dr. Sidney B. Jackson M.D. FAAFP, Col. (Ret.) USAF MC, CFS, SAS, PHEO

    Outstanding. I have been with USCCA and PDN for a while now and find this news exciting. Synergy of effort to achieve a common goal. Educated, Trained and Responsible Citizens prepared for possible disaster. That's the way to Save Lives. Thanks

  7. Gordon

    I am already a Gold member at PDN and Platinum USCCA. How does this impact me?

  8. Dale Whitmore

    Both your organizations are excellent reference sites. I have taken interest of your information as I am considering owning a weapon for personal home defense. Your info as to whether a shotgun or handgun is still being considered, Thanks for schooling.

  9. fyrescu324

    I am already a member of both USCCA and PDN. How will these two organizations joining forces benefit people like me? Thanks! Mark Baker 45acp1911@reagan.com

  10. Scott Buttrick

    I am a current PDN Gold Member and have been a member of USCCA in the past. I hope that this will be a good thing.