They Are Not You: Serial Murderer Toys With Justice System

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The features that separate normal, ordinary, rational folk from the particular subset of criminal offenders we refer to as Violent Criminal Actors (or VCAs) can often appear trivial, as they do in this case. It is in these details, though, that wisdom and concepts that can lead to greater safety for ourselves and our loved ones often lie.

The entering of a guilty plea is the unglamorous and tedious conclusion to most criminal prosecutions, and lacks any of the pyrotechnics of cinematic courtroom drama, even in the case of an astonishingly brutal serial homicide offender. Everything that occurs is scripted, pre-planned, vetted by attorneys on both sides, and negotiated to the nth degree. Why then did the attached case recently go so awry? Namely because it involved a Violent Criminal Actor with significant sociopathic traits and as such, was subject to his twisted internal logic, whimsy, and secondary gain.

The referenced offender was ostensibly present in court to admit guilt in two of the four murders definitively linked to him. It should be noted that he is already serving a term of natural life for an additional unrelated murder, and that he had evaded justice for over 10 years after his offenses, committing an unknowable quantity of further crimes.

In short, this offender is highly unlikely ever to draw a free breath again, and yet he proved unable or unwilling to execute a simple procedural task entailed by any plea of guilty in this jurisdiction, forcing the entire process into a six-hour delay and eventual cancellation. It seems that this offender was willing to admit guilt verbally, but not to affix his signature to a written version of the same plea despite the certainty that his part in the process had been explained to him beforehand by defense counsel.

There would seem to be no gain to be had here, so the reasonable observer might ask: “What’s the point? Why delay the inevitable?” The answer is both simple and profound: because it benefitted this offender in some way known only to him. Perhaps watching the whole courtroom, from the judge to the lawyers to the deputies on duty, bend to his will provided amusement. Perhaps being the center of attention once again was simply irresistible. Perhaps he was unwilling to admit publicly some element of the crime(s) as described in the plea. Perhaps the suffering of the assembled survivors allowed him again to savor the feeling of power over life and death. Perhaps he simply likes the food in the courthouse holding cells better than that on offer in the jail. Whatever the specific motivation, his gratification can be presumed to be absolutely as central to his acts as ever it was while he savagely killed his female victims.

The fusion of such fundamental narcissism with sexualized violence is one source of the incomprehensible and powerful drive necessary to violate the innocent with such relish, and should surely serve as a cautionary note for all who wish to avoid brutalization at these or similar hands…

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4 Responses to “They Are Not You: Serial Murderer Toys With Justice System”

  1. RPG

    Its almost impossible to understand what motivates a monster, but the answer is almost always control achieved through murder, rape, brutality, etc. Its an attempt at equlibrium that his brain was hard-wired in childhood was denied. He will forever try to gain control and power over his life and will never succeed. In this case, the answer is simple, he gained satisfaction from the control of the court. Simply, the judge should have just gone forward without it. Its the same for people that thing they can short-circuit the system by not signing a ticket. The court should have a mechanism for proceeding without his signature. The CJ system reinforces this type of behavior like a parent to tells a child to pick up their clothes 15 times and it never gets done. The child controls the parent. Once they figure out how to do it, they do it to others. They do it to their girlfriends, wives, co-workers, bosses... until it doesn't work. Frustration leads to anger and sometimes to violence. Violence is just mastery of an opponent or victim. Sometimes the victim isn't the victim though... Guys like him will eventually find someone that makes them the victim. Jackals always do.

  2. Steven Matthews

    Kill him in the courtroom

  3. D. Jones

    I have had a very close up experience with a narcissist. This narcissist once drove someone very near and dear to me to the brink of suicide. As God would have it, HER devices did not work, but almost did. Since that time, I have read probably 7-8 or more books on narcissism, I have listened on YouTube to stories from the victims of narcissists, and most of the books I have read on narcissism, and the BEST books I have read on narcissism were written by a bone fide narcissist H G Tudor. These people are pure evil. If anyone even suspects that they are living with or in ANY type of relationship with a narcissist, I HIGHLY recommend reading H G Tudor's books. He is a narc, and, after having read some of the books written by the victims of narcs, which are interesting, in that their stories are horrible, and all very much the same, if you truly want to understand a narc, AND LEARN HOW TO FIGHT BACK AND ESCAPE THEM, I highly recommend you go to, type in H G Tudor, and read as many of his books as you can. You will be AMAZED at what has been pulled on you, the innocent one. Narcs SEEK OUT their victims, they stalk them like prey, and they always look for the same type of people, which they refer to as "empaths," (meaning empathetic people), who are generally just good, hard working, honest, loving, and easy to get along with people. Their reign of terror begins with "love bombing." By the time they finish this little exercise, the victims will think that they have found their "perfect soul mate," so much so that they, in a strange sort of way, actually become addicted to these monsters. As soon as the addiction is "sound," EVERYTHING changes. What they once praised their victims for, they now punish them for. It is like Pavlov's dog. Pavlov first rewarded the dog for doing something, and then later punished the dog, for doing the exact, same thing, until the dog was driven completely crazy. Narcs will also do things like ask you why you didn't pick up the clothes at the cleaners LIKE YOU (SUPPOSEDLY) SAID YOU WOULD. But in reality, there were no clothes at the cleaners, and the victim NEVER SAID they would pick up any. They try to drive you to DOUBT your own sanity, and these victims, being the good, nice people that they are ALMOST ALWAYS take the blame and start thinking that there is something "wrong" with them, when, in fact, the narc is playing psycho games with them. This type of abuse can be so subtle, that the victims never figure it out, and many of them are driven to suicide, and many, unfortunately, succeed, and just like this article says about the narc in court - they get something from this. It actually feeds them to watch their victims suffer. Any time a narc can feel like they have "pulled something off" (like in this case, delaying the court, messing with the attorneys, the judge, or "proving themselves to be smarter than anyone else in the room," in their own mind, they are rewarded. As you will see in H G's books, they need what is called "narcissistic fuel" to get their energy, just like normal people need food to have energy, and they get this "fuel" in two ways: 1) from people praising them and complementing them, and 2) from them making their victims suffer. If they do not get enough "fuel" for the day, they will actually MAKE UP something to falsely accuse their victims of, so they can go on a "rant" and punish their victims. H G says in his book, FURY, that narcs are ALWAYS full of fury, which is a state of anger WAY WORSE than just the regular anger of a normal person, and they are always looking for an excuse to have a tantrum to make their innocent victims suffer, in order to obtain fuel. This very sick, psychological game that narc's play is what feeds the empty, black hole inside of them. They are INCAPABLE of feeling love, empathy, or sympathy. I do not mean that they just don't feel it. I mean they are LITERALLY INCAPABLE of feeling it, but they need to ACT as if they DO feel these things to fool the public and appear to be "normal." They must actually observe other people, even through soap operas, in malls, anywhere to see what "normal" is. They create what H G calls a "Construct," which is a FAKE, "NORMAL" PERSON, to appear AS normal in public. Unless you have actually studied narcissism from someone like HG, again, an actual narc, and have had first hand experience with a Narc, you will not recognize one when you see one. They are usually very smart, charismatic, compulsive LIARS, (and they do not care if they get caught in their lies, because they will always have an excuse for them, which can "sound logical," but will just be another LIE on top of the original lie, and they ENJOY watching their victims suffer. H G also says that the REASON they are PERPETUALLY FULL OF FURY, just beneath the surface, is because they actually believe, that you, their victim(s) do not recognize their "superiority," and their "brilliance," and because you don't "recognize" their so called "superiority," and act in a way that suits them, meaning that they actually believe that YOU, the victims, were created to serve them, and do and say anything and everything that THEY want, this is why they are angry. They also actually believe that THEY are the victims because their victims will not voluntarily do everything that THEY want them to do. People this goes on and on, and if you even suspect that you are dealing with one of these people, I suggest you read H G's book called "Escape," and learn how to untangle yourself from them, or you will have a life of YEARS of misery, and even after you leave them, they will still try to stalk you. H G also has a book called "NO CONTACT" which I highly recommend you read to help you get away from these people. They will ruin YOUR life, ruin your kids' lives, and you will find yourself in a state of anxiety and depression like you can never even imagine. Get away from these people as if your life depended on it, because it very well could depend on it. Please take heed, and EDUCATE yourself on true narcissism, before it eats you alive. Read H G Tudor's books, and this is not a commercial for him - I get nothing from recommending his books - I only know that, of all the books on narcs I have read, reading H G's books from the perspective OF AN ACTUAL NARC, is THEEE best way to learn what has been done to you, and the best way to learn how to deal with these people and, most of all, GET AWAY FROM THEM!

  4. Wayne Morgan

    From here on they should have a clause that a verbal confession is admitting guilt whether the document is signed or not. What’s so hard about that? Allowing a convicted murderer to play with the Justice System is ludicrous. A Judge that would allow that to happen in addition to the DA should be disbarred.