They Are Not You: Rape, Murder, and Working the System

Photo: Rick Wiley/Arizona Daily Star

The offender referenced in today’s case from Arizona is indisputably a career violent offender: a serial rapist and multiple murderer of children. His case, and the facts arising from his prosecution, highlight some of the features of Violent Criminal Actors that those interested in protection of self and others must understand and plan for in order to increase our safety.

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First and foremost: early onset of deviant behavior. Note well that even the initial coverage of this offender had little difficulty identifying a history of violent sexual exploitation of others dating back to age 11. Only a much more in-depth examination of his early years will reveal whether that gruesome offense was his first, or merely the first reported against him. Though still a young man, it must be remembered that over 2/3 of his life has been spent as a violent offender.

Further: implacability. Once involved in the criminal justice system, one would think he would toe the line and comply with conditions of supervision, if for no reason other than to cover his tracks as he continued to offend. Instead, he persisted in refusing to register as a sex offender despite repeated serious sanctions. This fact is telling in that it demonstrates a fundamental rejection of the power of consequences to dissuade him from his chosen behavior. Moreover, it bespeaks the power of his internal rationalization of his conduct: He will not comply because he does not believe he has done anything wrong.

Photos: Tucson Police Department

Finally: the complete lack of remorse. This hallmark feature of violent offenders with psychopathic traits is clearly evident in the elaborate negotiations and machinations undertaken by this offender to improve his situation even while held in detention for crimes he has admitted. In addition, the secondary gain of frustrating the police and extracting even a few extra seconds of misery from the surviving family members is irresistible to this type of criminal. Put plainly, such offenders will do whatever gratifies their urges, and little will stop them with the exception of focused and physical defensive force.

Picture the level of commitment and dedication the pictured child rapist and murderer displayed in plying his “trade.” Compare it to your level of commitment and dedication to preserving your own life and the lives of those you love. Are you ready? Today may very well be the day…

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8 Responses to “They Are Not You: Rape, Murder, and Working the System”

  1. Christine

    Not providing excuses, or any sort of justification for this guy, but it's important to think about what hell this person went through as a kid that made him like this. We punish people for physically harming people, but completely ignore psychological abuse that we heap on defenseless children every waking moment of every day. It's something to think about.

  2. Jojo

    Makes my blood BOIL

  3. Wayne Miller

    It is crucial that we don't assume these people think like we do. As mentioned above it could have been sexual, physical, or emotional abuse that set these individuals down a different path, but the results remain the same. No incarceration or short-term rehab efforts will change anything. Without predisposed bias we need to be prepared for those who will harm, kill, maim others without the "normal"filters we assume "normal" people work with. Be prepared mentally to deal with monsters who show no quarter.

  4. J Gibbons

    Based on the behaviors and analysis, criminals like this aren't going to change. Once found guilty through all appropriate due process, he should be promptly executed without any fanfare or additional publicity.

  5. Arteest

    If they drill down deep enough they might find he was sexually abused as a child. The results are extremely destructive to the child. For those with spiritual discernment will explain the demonic component that enters and controls the perp.

  6. Ed

    I read through most of this article before I realized you were talking about literal "violent criminals". I though you were talking about politicians.

  7. Roy L. Richards

    There are too many people in our government that don't care about how many dies it just gives them an excuse to further their agenda on second amendment and our gun rights they would even use their own children blood to do so. They don't care what happens all it is, is politics to destroy this nation. Little town in Indiana Browns Town so small you can drive all the way through it in about five min. had a manger scene on Court House lawn as always for many years and one of those stupid women complained and now there is going to be trouble over it. Our court system needs to stand up to people like them and stop this non sense and the things that are going on with them going against Christian people and their beliefs. They have their beliefs and we don't complain about their non belief we buy at stores that are not run by christian people and don't march on them because they don't believe like we do. Many we should give them trouble like they do us. Or may we should march on their house because they don't have a Christmas tree.or their house decorated.

  8. David Smith

    Having done years of Christian Ministry throughout prisons in the northeast, I have experienced the feeling of evil and darkness in the empty dark eyes of offenders. We need to make significant changes in our sentencing and releasing of these dark souls.