Two Person Armed Defense

Learn more about a new course Rob Pincus is teaching: Two-Person Armed Defense. As more people are carrying concealed, this type of instruction is no longer just for armed professionals. The class features practical approaches to team tactics for the average citizen.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This week, I m running a Two Person Armed Defense class at Reno Guns & Range in Nevada. It has been about a year since we launched the program, which is a combination of various concepts from Team Tactics programs designed for SWAT, Military, Executive Protection or other “Armed Professional” adapted to fit the context of two family members, friends, co-workers (including police and security personnel) or others who are frequently both together and armed.


As Concealed Carry has become both easier and much more common over the past two decades, this type of training has moved from Fantasy Camp status to something that just makes sense for a lot of people. 20 years ago, it was much less likely that you would have multiple people in the same place carrying guns for personal defense. If nothing else, the dramatic growth in women carrying guns for their own protection and not just relying on the men in their lives to carry the guns means that more and more couples should think about how they can coordinate their actions in an emergency to be as safe as possible, instead of simply responding as two individuals. The Three C’s of team operations form the foundation of the course: Coordination, Communication & Cooperation.

    The Two Person Armed Defense Class addresses practical approaches to team tactics for the everyday person.

The course, offered as a one day or a two day which includes force-on-force scenarios and is not only applicable to people who are often in each others company. The skills and concepts developed in the course can be applied to situations where you might find yourself in the presence of another armed good guy as well, as the communication and cooperation aspects can be quickly applied even when people haven’t trained formally together. Most of the concepts can also be applied to increase the capabilities of any tow people, even when only one is armed with a defensive firearm. Some of the drills also overlap with concepts from Shooting in Defense of Others that you care about. This is not a Wanna-Be SWAT Course or military-esque course that teaches bounding overwatch and complicated choreographed maneuvers or “room clearing” concepts. It is a simple, practical approach to maximizing the capabilities of typical people that carry defensive firearms in an emergency situation.


If you spend time with other armed people, as most in the gun community do, consider thinking about how you could work together to be safer. If you do seek out training, make sure it is applicable to the context of civilian defense in a typical defensive situation!


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2 Responses to “Two Person Armed Defense”

  1. Sid1

    Hi Rob. I have applied for a CCW in CA. I feel challenges on the horizon. I am thinking I would like to do a CC course with you people and my self and my wife do the Two Person Armed Defense Class together, and with this go back to our local sheriff with my permit application. Actually right now they are just wondering why I want a CCW permit, and my first responses was not accepted. I was told to try again.

  2. Charles

    Rob this sounds like a much needed and timely class and probably more "useful" as time goes on. I am frequently in environments where at least two of us are are carrying. Who in Arizona teaches this class? Also any tips on safely training "two Person Defense" scenarios? You are doing a great job keep it up. Thanks