Two Person Armed Defense: Course Review from the PDN Training Tour

This year’s PDN Training Tour offered the most diverse collection of courses we’ve ever offered. One of the more unique courses that was taught in a few locations across the country was I.C.E. Training’s Two Person Armed Defense. A Team Tactics Course specifically designed for the everyday person who spends a lot of time with other people who are armed. It is not a fantasy camp class where students pretend to be SWAT Team Members or perform bounding overwatch across open ranges with burning cars and smoke grenades creating great photo ops, but no practical value. This course draws from various aspects of Team Tactics in the world of Armed Professionals, but the curriculum is pared down to simple fundamentals that can be applied under a wide variety of circumstances in the even that two (or more) Good Guys with Guns end up involved in the same incident. As the number of people carrying guns for defense continues to grow, this becomes more and more likely and this coursework becomes more and more important.

“Expect to expend about 400 to 500 rounds of ammunition in 2PAD over a full day of training. This course was a different approach than many courses I have attended, especially from a civilian perspective. It gave me food for thought in the realm of working with or around another armed person and I would not hesitate to attend again.” -Terry Nelson

You can read the full Course Review HERE.

This review of TPAD was written for by Terry Nelson, who has been through several other Team Tactics type training. Terry is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement with police and sheriff agencies, including SWAT and sniper roles, and has served as a state game warden. In addition, Nelson served seven years with New Mexico State Guard. A lifelong hunter, guide, tracker and firearms enthusiast, Terry is sought for training in multiple disciplines by both civilian and police-serving agencies and companies. He is still active in training New Mexico law enforcement officers in firearms, tactics, and use of force and holds a Master Firearms Instructor certification from New Mexico Department of Public Safety. In recent years Terry has gained ongoing training and background in field expedient emergency casualty care via the law enforcement and military communities. Nelson also holds a Basic Tac Med instructor certification from Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He is active in training military personnel wishing to acclimate into civilian law enforcement roles. Currently, Nelson provides training for law enforcement and civilians through his own company, Firearms Training Institute.

Look for opportunities to attend TPAD and work on your ability to apply practical Team Tactics next year on the PDN Training Tour!


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3 Responses to “Two Person Armed Defense: Course Review from the PDN Training Tour”

  1. Dan Lanotte

    I would like to attend this class. I'm in the Colorado Springs area.

  2. Les Mayer

    In the video with your 2 men back to back. They were well covered in the plane they were in, but when they turned the corner & entered the room neither of them looked up to check the status of the ladder to the leaders left.

  3. Isaac

    That sounds like a good course. It would be a good primer for PDN to add an online course as well.