"Watch your back"....even when you are going to CHURCH!

Anywhere, anytime, a normal day can quickly turn into a series of life and death decisions that must be made in a quick timeframe. A family was recently faced with this exact situation. A “normal” Sunday trip to church turned sideways as they were all facing a man with bad intentions. In the end, a Detroit woman fatally shot a home invader as she and her two female family members were leaving their home, headed for church.


We do not dictate the timing of an attack and being aware is a full time job for all of us! What can we learn from a story like this? Situational Awareness is a great place to start. Take a look back at a PDN video wherein Rob breaks down the basics:

Read the original story about the 3 women here: ORIGINAL STORY – CLICK HERE

What can we learn from this story? It starts with awareness and ends with having the ABILITY to defend yourself in the most dire of situations. Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page today!

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