AR-15 Comprehensive Personal Defense 9-DVD Set


Item: K5107Q


9-DVD Set: AR-15 Comprehensive Personal Defense

Get to know the AR-15 rifle inside and out, and see why it’s one of the most versatile firearm platforms going for home and personal defense with this comprehensive 9-DVD Set. With a lengthy list of topics (complete list below), you’ll have all you need to custom build, configure, accessorize and run the AR-15 rifle and pistol platforms with confidence.

Start with the basics of your AR rifle build, get expert insight into the add-ons and optics that will make your rifle or AR pistol a true purpose-built defensive tool, and get the no-nonsense instruction you need to train, practice and prepare to defend yourself and others in all aspects of your life.

Bundle includes nearly 10 hours of video instruction with the DVD titles and topics below:

DIY AR-15 Build – 60 minutes

The AR-15 is one of the most popular firearms on the market today, and for good reason. Not only is it lightweight and easy-to-use, but it is made in such a way that it can be fully customizable as well as easy to build and take apart for many reasons. Mike Centola of Allstar Tactical introduces viewers to the AR-15 from the perspective of its ability to allow users to create a weapon that is not only easy to build, but in the process save money as well. Further, the approach the video takes shows viewers every part of the weapon individually so that viewers know not only what the different parts are but how to troubleshoot them, disassemble them, and reassemble them.

Accessorizing Your AR – 71 minutes

The AR-type carbine is the most popular home defense rifle in the United States and a mainstay of law enforcement and military units. There are more accessories and modifications available for this family of firearms than any other, so Rob Pincus highlights the important modifications and upgrades that you might consider for your personal AR-type carbine such as stocks, fore-ends, grips, optics, laser and slings, and discusses which modifications to avoid for a defensive firearm.

AR-15 Optics – 55 minutes

The highly-adaptable, customizable, AR-15 rifle platform allows for a wide range of optic options. Which optic suits your needs best depends on a number of factors, including budget and the most likely application of your rifle in a defensive situation. PDN Executive Director, Rob Pincus presents a selection of primary and back-up optic options to consider, beginning with traditional AR iron sites, as well as red dot sights for close quarters use, magnified optics for longer range use, and more. Plus, he provides insights for getting your AR optics zeroed specifically for home defense use.

AR Pistols for Defense – 71 minutes

Get to know the AR-15 Pistol platform and get an in-depth understanding of its viability as an effective defensive tool. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus and Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Industries provide expert insight and dynamic demonstrations on the range to help you assess if this unique, compact and powerful pistol is right for you. They show why AR pistols are often hailed for their reliability, accuracy, and straight-forward ergonomics, especially for those seeking a potent defensive tool for home defense. You’ll also get valuable insight into potential complications of owning and performing certain firing techniques with AR pistols which have been the subject of government regulations. Always consult the Federal Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (BATFE) for current regulations and limitations.

Combat Focus™ Carbine – 74 minutes

Rob Pincus teaches you how to apply the principles and concepts of the Combat Focus® Shooting program to the use of a defensive carbine. He and his students go through the recommended techniques for shooting and running with a semi-automatic defensive long gun, as well as the methods and drills used to develop your skill. You’ll learn tips for compressed ready, training drills, consistent shooting, reloading and transitions from your long gun to your sidearm.

Advanced Combat Focus Carbine – 66 minutes

This video demonstrates everything from carbine set up to using different covers including bonus footage. Expert Rob Pincus will show you how to shoot around a corner with a defensive carbine, how to use a rifle in extreme close quarters, and even how to take cover behind small objects. Rob also explains how to train with reactive targets.

Defensive Carbine Training Tips – 67 minutes

Compact rifles, commonly referred to as carbines, are powerful defensive tools that offer distinct advantages over handguns in many circumstances. For those seeking professional in-person training, specifically in the defensive use of a carbine, Rob Pincus offers specific tips, considerations and demonstrations to help you plan ahead and get the most from your training session. As an experienced defensive carbine instructor himself, Rob provides insights on key aspects of defensive carbine practice and use, including selecting and setting up your defensive carbine and related gear. Plus, you’ll get specific tips on loading and staging magazines for range training use as well as demonstrated shooting techniques, all of which will help you prepare to take to the training range.

Carbine Combatives and Retention – 74 minutes

This video emphasizes on carbine combatives and retention. It will show you four main combative strikes, different retention drills, direct action combative drills, and more. This video also demonstrates integrating a response with a handgun.

Long Gun Use Around a Vehicle – 44 minutes

For those who choose to secure a long gun in a vehicle for defensive use, whether in a professional capacity or for personal defense, a vehicle can offer significant and secure cover from a threat. Using an AR-15 rifle, Rob Pincus shows you techniques for using a vehicle to your advantage in a critical incident, including active shooter situations. You’ll see ways of incorporating features of a vehicle to provide a stable rifle shooting platform and look at the key vehicle components that are most likely to stop bullets. Plus you’ll learn ways of positioning yourself strategically near the vehicle to provide maximum protection, and get valuable insight on the effects of bullet skip and deflection caused by hard surfaces on and around a vehicle.