Be the Wrong Woman™: Fundamentals of Women's Self Defense DVD


Item: K5157R


DVD: Be the Wrong Woman: Fundamentals of Women’s Self Defense

Help protect your mothers and daughters with Kelly Muir’s second series on self-defense for women! Kelly teaches the concepts that are too often overlooked, going beyond teaching a few strikes and covering the simple ideas like “carry your car keys as a weapon.” Rob Pincus joins Kelly to take an in-depth look at how a predator might try to manipulate a woman into an isolated situation, and then reviews the many options that women have for self-defense tools. 89 minutes.


  • Intuitive Decision Making
  • Myth of the Bad Guy
  • Physical Defense: The Basics, Elbow Strikes
  • Physical Defense: Advanced Concepts, Knee Strikes
  • Defense Tools: Contact Tools and Chemical Spray
  • Defense Tools: Tasers & Firearms

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