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Loc-U Universal Rod Cleaning Kit




Product: LOC-U Universal Rod Cleaning Kit

The Breakthrough Universal Rod Cleaning Kit is a custom-designed universal LOC-U (Long Gun Operator’s Rod Cleaning Kit). This kit includes a durable nylon pouch, rod cleaning tools along with Military-Grade Cleaning Solvent, Battle Born Grease, and Battle Born High-Purity Oil, which is giving you all the right tools to get the best clean. Designed to clean and maintain all guns from .22 cal to 12 gauge.


  • Lightweight Velcro front soft case with molle back for convenient carrying
  • Qty-6 rod section with a 39″ combined working length
  • Black swivel aluminum T-handle
  • Double end nylon utility brush
  • Qty-7 nylon bore brushes (.22 pistol, .22 rifle, .30 cal. Rifle, .38 cal./9mm pistol, 10mm/.40 cal. pistol, .45 cal. pistol, 12 gauge)
  • Shotgun adapter
  • Shotgun patch holder
  • .22-.45 cal. patch holder
  • 3 Cleaning patches – 3 sizes
  • Silicone cloth
  • 2 oz. Bottle of Battle Born cleaning solvent
  • 2 oz. Bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Oil
  • 12cc syringe of Battle Born Grease fortified with PTFE
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