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Chemical Sprays with BONUS Electrical Defense Devices Download


Item: K5C65U


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Experts from Saber Red teach you about the manufacturing process, delivery methods and capabilities of chemical sprays for self-defense. Then Gary Meares of DGG Taser explains the evolution of electrical defensive devices and shares training and deployment tips for the incredibly capable and non-lethal Taser C2. And finally, Rob Pincus takes a hit in the chest from a Taser C2! What more could you ask for? 82 minutes.


  • Types of Chemical Agents
  • OC Pepper Sprays
  • Canister Options for Chemical Agents
  • Use of Chemical Agents
  • Pepper Spray Deployment


Bonus: Electrical Defense Devices

  • Introduction to Electrical Defense Devices
  • Using “Stun Guns”
  • Using a Taser C2 Device