Combat Focus Shooting Evolution Book & DVD

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Book Bundle: Combat Focus Shooting Evolution Book & DVD

Combat Focus® Shooting: Evolution DVD

Rob Pincus and several certified Combat Focus Shooting instructors from around the world share an updated version of the original 2006 program, covering the fundamentals and drills that continue to make Combat Focus Shooting the most progressive defensive firearms program on the planet.

With this Firearm Training DVD, you’ll enjoy 25 Chapters of detailed information on the fundamentals of intuitive defensive shooting (including sighted and unsighted fire), the core concepts that underlie the CFS Methodology and the most important skill development drills you can do on virtually ANY range to develop your skill and an understanding of the balance between speed and precision in defensive shooting. 142 minutes.


  • Safety, Comfort, Competency
  • Combat Focus Shooting
  • Fundamental Mechanics of Defensive Shooting
  • High Compressed Ready
  • Safety Rules
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Extend, Touch, Press
  • Up Drill
  • Lateral Movement
  • Balance of Speed & Precision
  • Deviation Control
  • Balance of Speed & Precision Drills
  • Skill Development Cycle
  • Push Your Limits Drill
  • Critical Incident Reload
  • Presentation from the Holster
  • Windsprint Drill
  • 4 Factors That Effect BoS&P
  • Multiple Target Drill
  • Take a Lap Drill
  • Volume of Fire
  • Understanding the Value of Lateral Movement
  • Shooting in Motion Drill
  • Combat Focus® Shooting: Evolution Book – SIGNED

    Combat Focus® Shooting Evolution 2010 is the most up to date version of the most progressive and efficient defensive firearms training program ever codified. This firearm training book represents the cutting edge of understanding how to quickly gain lifesaving firearms skills regardless of your experience, background or the context of your firearms use. Based on working well with what your body does naturally during a dynamic critical incident and focusing on the concept of the Balance of Speed and Precision, this program doesn’t just tell you what to do, it explains why. Not just another tool for your toolbox, Combat Focus® Shooting is the best information that the author and his team of instructors have to offer. 218 pages.