Complete Counter Ambush Training 3-Class Set


Item: K5140Q


3-Class Set: Complete Counter Ambush Training (Streaming Video)

This set of three big classes is about HOW and WHY you should train for personal defense, especially for the unexpected defensive shooting situation.

The Complete Counter Ambush Training 3-Class Set is the most comprehensive training option for how to survive a deadly surprise attack. The fact is, very few deadly encounters are ever seen coming. Most attacks are actually more like an ambush, a complete surprise delivered with little or no warning. This 3-Class set will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence to be the most prepared you can be for such encounters.

In total, in the three streaming video classes detailed below, you’ll get over five hours of class video instruction, and several bonus printable PDF documents that supplement the video instruction – giving you added insight and exercises to use in your personal defense training.

You can’t afford to be unprepared. Get this 3-Class set today!

Physics & Physiology

A comprehensive classroom presentation with a singular purpose, Counter Ambush Concepts: Physics & Physiology offers students a broad range of critical insights, all centered on a simple objective: Teaching you how to significantly affect an attacker’s ability to present a lethal threat to you or somebody you wish to defend in the most efficient way possible.

Preparing Your Response

Unlike many traditional personal defense programs, anchored on concepts like situational awareness and pre-contact cues to help you anticipate an attack, Counter Ambush Concepts: Preparing Your Response is a highly progressive training class that helps you prepare yourself to respond to the attacks that you don’t see coming. This class teaches you to respond decisively amidst the surprise and chaos of a “Dynamic Critical Incident.”


Neuroscience is the study of how the human brain functions and interacts with the nervous system. Counter Ambush Concepts: Neuroscience looks specifically at what we know about how the human brain operates in the context of a surprise physical attack. In taking this class, you’ll learn how to apply this knowledge in the selection and set up of a defensive handgun, and the development of an effective reality-based counter ambush training model that maximizes efficiency in stopping a threat.