Defense in Off Balance Positions DVD


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DVD: Defense in Off Balance Positions

One of the most unfortunate aspects of getting any kind of combat training is the fact that much of that type of experience is done in a situation that is unlike anything in the real world. It doesn’t matter whether you are learning to use unarmed techniques, a gun, or anything else, the training conditions most often encountered in training and/or practice are a far cry from those encountered when push comes to shove.

In this video, Rob Pincus of ICE Training Company, and Omari Broussard, owner of 10X Defense, discuss and demonstrate how viewers can not only defend themselves in off-balance situations, but train for defense in off-balance situations.

Let’s face it, when your next combat encounter happens, there’s a good chance that you won’t be in an ideal situation. You might have fallen or been forced to the ground by an assailant. A struggle might have caused your holster to be in a position that is not in the ideal spot to reach for your weapon, or any number of other situations that you might not be ready for, comfortable with, or find ideal for any number of other reasons. The good news in this is that with the information presented in this video, you can be prepared to defend yourself in such a scenario, and in many ways become better prepared for an encounter than you ever were with training you had in a more ideal situation.

Even when you are in an unorthodox or awkward position you can defend yourself or at least get a footing for a better fighting position, and these two masters will not only teach you how to accomplish this, but demonstrate how anyone can quickly gain the upper hand in what was formerly a bad situation. 52 minutes.


  • Defining “Off Balance Positions”
  • Defeating the Telegraph
  • Leverage vs. Strength
  • Getting back On Balance
  • Striking from Off Balance Positions
  • Accessing Defensive Tools while in Off Balance Positions
  • Off Balance Striking Drill
  • Attacks from the Rear
  • BONUS: Training with Protective Gear and Props