Defensive Training On a Budget Bundle


Item: K5097Q


Bundle: Defensive Training On a Budget

Make the most of your training resources with this tip-filled package! Let’s face it, building defensive shooting skills can get very costly when you consider range costs, ammunition, and the time to get out and practice. This bundle will help you maximize your training efficiency with minimal impact on your training budget. Learn how to prioritize, plan, and execute your skill-building efforts, and how to save time and money while building critical defensive shooting skills by integrating alternative training methods. Train more, spend less, and build your defensive best with the Defensive Training On A Budget set – including 5 DVDs, 2 FREE PDF Downloads and a FREE Gun Cleaning Kit.

DVD’s Included:

  • Developing a Self Defense Training Plan
  • Best 100 Rounds: Defensive Handguns
  • .22 Caliber Training
  • Dryfire Practice
  • Laser Training Methodologies
  • PDF’s Included:

    Personal Defense Training Guide

    The Skill Development Cycle (SDC) provides an easy way to understand the complete process of training and practice. Whether it’s hours in a day, bullets in a box, access to a range, or even just motivation and interest to train, everyone’s training resources are limited. With this 14-page PDF, you will see how important it is to make the most of your training resources and have an organized way to track your progress.

    Skill Development Planner

    Use this Skill Development Planner to make efficient use of your range time and training resources by “Front Loading” your practice. A 4-page PDF adapted from Skill Development Cycle (SDC) designed to help you to identify the skills you want to learn and become technically proficient to perform correctly on a consistent basis.