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Video Download: DIY AR-15 Build

The AR-15 is one of the most popular firearms on the market today, and for good reason. Not only is it lightweight and easy-to-use, but it is made in such a way that it can be fully customizable as well as easy to build and take apart for many reasons.

In this video, Mike Centola of Allstar Tactical introduces viewers to the AR-15 from the perspective of its ability to allow users to create a weapon that is not only easy to build, but in the process save money as well. Further, the approach the video takes shows viewers every part of the weapon individually so that viewers know not only what the different parts are but how to troubleshoot them, disassemble them, and reassemble them.

Whether your goal is to save money on an AR-15 purchase, customize it to your liking and benefit, or to learn how it is constructed in order to better understand how to use and maintain it, this video is for you. Centola takes viewers on a full tour of the AR-15, introducing them to the weapon itself and all of the components that make it what it is. Along the way, he shows viewers how to identify its different parts, he explains each purpose, and he discusses options that owners have to make a weapon that is tailor-made for their needs and uses. Centola also shows viewers the specifics about how they can construct a fully-operational AR-15 using parts that can be obtained from many different sources in order to save on costs without sacrificing the quality users expect. 60 minutes.


  • Lower Parts & Receiver Inventory & Tools
  • Assembling the Lower Receiver
  • Assembling the Fire Control Group
  • Assembling the Buffer System and Stock
  • Completing Upper Receiver
  • Final Assembly
  • Field Stripping and Basic Maintenance
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