Home-Based Dryfire Training Bundle

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Bundle: Home-Based Dryfire Training

Now you can train even when you can’t be at the range. The iDryfire® Target PC System allows you to practice anywhere you choose. And when combined with the expert instruction provided in this hand-picked collection of 3 companion DVDs, you’ll have what you need to train more, and train better than ever!

Dryfire training lets you safely push the limits of your defensive shooting abilities. By integrating a laser training device (not included), the computer-based iDryfire® system records shot placement on the target of your choice, provides instant feedback, and tracks your progress through an easy-to-use computer program.

By integrating the lessons, techniques, and skill-building drills of the companion DVDs you can easily assess, adjust and advance your shooting skills. This Home-Based Training bundle includes the iDryfire Target System and 3 DVDs with over 3 hours of video tips and instruction.

DVDs included in this bundle:

Dryfire Practice and Methodology – 45 minutes

Rob Pincus and expert instructor Claude Werner provide a detailed overview of Dryfire practice and how to integrate dryfire with your live fire training. They demonstrate a variety of defensive shooting drills for handguns as well as shotguns and rifles.

Laser Training Methodologies – 63 minutes

Mike Hughes, Founder of NextLevel Training and SIRT Training Pistols demonstrates the effectiveness of integrating laser training devices into your shooting regimen. You’ll go beyond the basics and push your limits with lessons and drills for reloads, shooting while moving, snap presentations, awkward shooting positions, and more.

Skill Development Drills – 94 minutes

Rob Pincus puts you through the paces with a series of specially chosen drills designed to help you reach your defensive best. As part of your dryfire practice, these drills offer the perfect opportunity to push your limits. Then, when you’re ready, use what you’ve learned and set up the range for live fire reps!

iDryFire Target PC System

Nothing beats quality time at the range. But when the range isn’t an option, the Home-Based Dryfire Training Bundle is the perfect solution. It helps you stretch your training dollars, save time, and practice new skills safely and in the convenience of your home.

The iDryfire® Target PC System is compatible with LaserLyte, iDryfire®, Laser Ammo, SIRT or SureStrike inserts and laser simulator firearms (not included).

In order to operate the system, you will need:

  • Laptop/Desktop Computer running Windows 7/8/10
  • Handgun with dry fire laser insert (LaserLyte, Laser Ammo, iDryfire®) or a laser simulator handgun/rifle (SIRT/Others)
  • Requires a laser pulse of 30ms or longer
  • Targets of your choosing
  • **You DO NOT need a projector to run this system. Purchase of a laser and targets are necessary to run the iDryfire® system.